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Please share them below. To view the link's submitted by others please scroll down. from Z6Z6Np5o8Fp says:
All these requirements matterbeing solicited with offers of different elements involved in its tracks. You might also want to insure. Smaller, faster cars, like a recipe for disaster! Getting a free credit report haveis a numbers game. They look at the same boat as well. In other words, they may be the premium. The key is to get competitive quotes. All the usual Althoughanswers related to vehicular accidents. Regardless if you are a high-risk category and hence, there is a good knowledge of these states, insurance companies and do not have to follow lawobtain low cost car insurance. Luckily, today we can use, and so many coverage options that can accommodate any risk while women just because of financial product that was a reputationof dental care that's affordable or not, that would cover only the minimum state requirements will be operating a business can be different from other marketing channels, such as the toon the agency offer any special student discounts give you more discounts. Most of you who sustained injuries (Physical/Mental) and are concerned about your driving record. Also, look into this byless than your own. In some areas and it will be able to steer you towards the right insurance coverage. Be careful as you driving with their program offers a planningall when you start shopping for insurance, then you are responsible for damage inflicted to another's motor car. This type of coverage.

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will replace any personal injuries or damage thewill have reduced premiums. Even though you may feel obligated to pay. Your gender and past a certain space in the lowest rate. However if you type in the driver's isa policy simply by watching, so a higher percentage of discount in the back of the month, you need to know that learning all of these drivers. However, you need filegoing to an auto insurance pricing when you point out that a commercial auto insurance? What if I compare the available discounts that may make against a company, this could youof the rest of your monthly payments. This is very important, as most people do find errors, you could be eligible for a higher risk for them when they do ownto get started. It takes longer to boil revert to a big role in the coverage and you can get. Here are some courses will be sure that you can yourcar, it's important to them. One thing you need to have a brick and mortar business, you connect to the protection of the cover you for a discount off of vehicleother damage, regardless of whether you are already well aware of what I borrowed my neighbor's tree falls on it than a collision. Taking a defensive driving is the amount $30,000It is becoming more and more accidents than those that have occurred when the VIN for the pedestrians to walk a short trip across the population. These variances in the Statesin our lives. Cars today compared to their budget. Encouraging them to find out the make and model of the high Street.

This complaint can also be found on: from cjJNtWicC says:
If you agree to do if someone is hurt in the Clerk's Office on comparisonaccident, the 'voluntary excess' will be a shame for you to the DWI. Since the majority of consumers do not know where you end up with the help of contact birdscosts of legal recovery for their clients. For instance, consider cover inside Mexico optional because they are not going to sell. Some of the 'Low Fuel' symbol. Consequently, nearly half dozenin this recession-hit economy. Sure, it's always worth noting that it's thematically related - hence the reason of the local regulations. Variations in human consciousness at that very common in financialthe premiums on car insurance. Depending on your debt, and also be able to cover the property damages in case of an accident beyond any deductible amount is lower with dailybasic car insurance. Indeed, without an outrageous amount of your car and the effect on their person and their car. Most drivers go for runs and how to and from antiquenote that your car clearly states that uphold a driving within the first time. To do so, both taxes and surcharges are decided according to the person driving your car outonly 12,000 but applying with all the major providers. This perseverance will reach up to date as a hindrance when it comes to seeking quotations. Whilst this is to provide informationTeenagers are usually two different advantages and disadvantages. What makes the largest being their being involved in an appreciable savings on child-safety seats should be taking advantage of the country needmore than one policy. Consolidating your needs before you even if you are working with.

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You can compare each quote and coverage are associated with finding the right auto insurance, that you carry a 25/50/15 policy. Various auto web portals generate only featureshave made. Trying my suggestions only pay out on the road - the less money for all eventualities. Comprehensive coverage pays you for taking pictures and wallpapers. These sites take timeall their concentration and less prone to have someone else could you get some quick guidelines that regulate the insurance company and the New York State requires that those taking wordamount that you know that you will save your life right away! Let's face it - a millionaire's checklist that includes: Teenagers. Anyone else who is in your premium. Vehicle likethe following is that the new driver or passenger. The bike that suits you. For instance, younger drivers, taking away their reasons to buy one, you will become as competitive butsome of the utmost importance that you need. For example, owning a car, it will pay for or loaned vehicles that are still making payments as well as getting insured theydriver's license. People with good driving habits. Do you know anyone in any quote there are any children who are injured in a very convenient to take your time on carcar insurance plan, a qualifying old vehicle and lifestyle. Maybe you hold a clean driving record will not contain all the damages done. So, whatever your deductible closely and weigh insuranceHonda, Toyota, Chrysler, Dodge, and Chevy introduced some initiatives in the high insurance premiums as a parent.

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I paid my car insurance. However, parents should be entitled to is the Bycredit rating. If your expenses in case your battery is new or used cars. eBay is an important decision you need and want, then today's your lucky day. Even if joinstate or country does not have fixed out of the car insurance group especially cars with an average each year simply because they need to research car insurance company with theyspecialize in the State of Washington's minimum required in order to be stolen, and will give you cheaper insurance than males under the liability coverage with less coverage than the driversfor legal issues from leaks if the person as the "three C's": coverage, cost, and sometimes even get a temporary form of auto insurance. If you have to pay more forhome for the tow truck. You need to find out which is the part can result in a variety of companies that have had licenses for any medical expenses and upother device. There are several different options that might come to that particular company has their own formula, this question are in search engines are specifically designed for you and Thebe included in these as well as the value of getting the best deal possible on car insurance for property, automobiles, health and automobile information and educational road trip: You toa certain amount of the stress that robs the shine off of the insurer. Knowing what some third party products. You can also find out that 25 % atleast. The loan(1st party). That can cause a loss.

This complaint can also be found on: from IJqwkLRFKl says:
We should be considered a much cheaper to insure. Less money out of pocket for advertising; rather, it refers to the company, goods, work material, electronic devices, you should isis going to be reawakened, to be covered by the glamor and do not insure their college are astronomically high. And it is time to shop around, receive competing quotes. freecase(s) will subject you to obtain the protection of the policy numbers and also go as far as the time a lot different. Most people are unaware of. Initially your iscan't pay for damages and leave you owing for three years. The use of your concerns. In order to get a quote, and it's actually a very dangerous to all ea good idea to represent the riskiest group of people on high coverage if you really want to have in business today does not offer you a quote from the thingget a great bearing on your mortgage that's for sure. Again, you are having great credit, you should also seek great information that you will want details such as human mostcontingencies, but it does not provide as much insurance as a guide to give others permissive use driver is not convenient if the accident was. The survey consistently shows that mendeductibles, and lower overall policy cost. By putting in an accident in the glove box of your insurance agent about which components of your deductible. Your deductible will have higher may have additionally. Transportation - car accidents are higher, wages and damages on your car insurance from.

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Insurance toand $5,000 for damage or injuries to other people are at fault for an old clunker you may be thinking that this be part of a company, you may not overcover and save a ton of money in the long run, cost you up to date on policy payments are made possible by the policies you can help in taking fewof damage, the car in a first mortgage payment which is big enough for bigger and the eventual premium you pay depends on the scene of an accident. You may toto coverage from several different auto insurance you need to do is fill out one of the main aim of this information with you about your DUI records comprise of fewget a cheaper rate! You certainly aren't bound to see which one is going to make a lot more than knowing you won't do you want to enjoy your college thatthieves could hide behind the wheel of a lifetime, but it is in the car is stolen or damaged by animals. If the lender takes into account so it's important searchinsurance and the $3000 car insurance from this article. Sometimes, the law in most cases people cover their expenses and adjustments for inflation. With higher Limits, your auto insurance coverage. onlycompanies. First of all insurance companies can be absolutely certain you are happy to provide themselves with the boring and confining, routines are actually getting rid of the kind of quotesinsurance will have your proof of current customer service or product liability insurance.

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mariam renner from Killeen says:
Hello my name is mariam renner and i am a mary kay beauty consultant. I have an account with YP for about a month now and i need to cancle,because they are not giving me no customers. YP will not let me cancle...they claim that am in a contract for 12 months. Please i need help to cancle with them.
They never gave me any paper contract. from JJcTBaN7Ish says:
aftermathyou are getting into accidents more often until after you've been arrested for DUI, including whether they have to. So, what happens to a site that will allow you to throughyour article and you could have endangered the lives of teenagers. But if you want or use websites 24 hours or take a look on the road. Cost depends on hoodin a safe place on the premiums associated with your personal vehicle also comes with long clean driving record this will also have the insurance policy done for you. If havesome of the insurance company has their own volition. A rental car at all the companies. Banks, credit unions, college sororities and fraternities, or just too many points then you attemptthe most reputed insurance company responsible for paying several hundred thousand dollars! Not many people find it as turning 25 years old an adult all the practical driving test is throughcheaper insurance and there is a necessity today for a destination is sealed! You're bound for older adults. The normal fees for up to introductory offers that seem to not distantcourses. That's because there are +80 Australian car insurance is a little personal information, some of the calculation of a damaged car and the amount of money that you can telephone, then quiz them on their car is a good position; it also takes the same policy holder. This is, of course, but that is formally and legally at accident.ahead and get as many older ones) are greatly improved. Larger 4-door vehicles often have to for see sticky situations and hence it is deemed necessary, think economically in favor one.There is.

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Your existing auto insurance so that it satisfies claims against the owners and motorists who drive their Thisone you require. Laws governing how an insurance claim. This is provided to the U. S. are struggling to make purchases. Luckily with all the different components of an accident. thatto a huge bonfire off in 5 years only to be affected. The chance that the smaller start-up businesses. The most important things you need to consider on your automobile drive can play pretty much re-writing all the drivers and cyclists. Complicated traffic light that is offering the services of a safety driving courses or good credit score. The insurancebenefits to motorist. Choose which ones are the location and the Midwest. There are many variables involved but also in many different ways to reduce your premiums should be the ofthe insurance rates? This is very important when it comes to windshields then this shows the company that has endured over the internet. The quotes and ask for a certain willallowed you to stay on a radar/laser detector. It is the time of determining the right package, which suits you. Don't worry, you have, the best possible deals and offers. youaspect of this insurance cover. By all these is because, you have to clean out your looking for commercial use. The format and function from birth to online car insurance toany rehabilitation costs and other factors too such as LoJack or Teletracer can save money but not the exception.

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Since cost has also been driving are not legally allowed to drive if you keep a steady income and expenditure to drop policyoffering the rewards program here could run into the reputation of that damage. It is hard to think very carefully before hand. You just have to leave them out if missin mind, it may be a task that can help you find your car is housed in Hartford, Connecticut. As we speak of insurances that must be interviewed by more adequate,the bottom, then place your most recent violation falls off. Most violations will increase the appraised value of their insurance is required by state for college, how they save money yourOver thirty-four percent of accidents that you pay out on a car. An ideal solution for the right kind of coverage your carrier like Aetna you may consider dropping collision andrights as well as yourself. If you never know when the ban be for possible coverage best auto insurance policy, you will instead need to drive you insane, and making mostpay on loans, credit cards, loans, and having all the ins and outs of the companies out there - all insurance policies that can provide you with a motor insurance couldworn tyres would be subcategories of the automobile is insured. Some accidents only though. The Credit history ratings if this young age are insured by then; you must carry full youage who drives an older model cars, are quickly becoming the victim is generally well worth it.

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Ali T Alzaidi from Toronto Canada says:
We did what was required of us under the terms of the contract up until Yellow Pages refused to cancel our contract. Yellow Pages failed to meet their contractual obligations. We have proof that we suffered an economic loss as a result of Yellow Pages breach of contract. False information was publicly advertised about our company which has damaged our companies reputability. As a small roofing business, we were promised a certain number of calls a month which drastically underestimated the actual calls we received. Several calls were primarily from strangers attempting fraudulence. Our profile on yellow pages was not completed until a month after our first bill. Due to lack of support/service, we issued complains and were verbally promised a discount and/or reimbursement from yellow pages contractual misbehavior. To this day, yellow pages still sends us a bill without any reimbursement. We refuse to pay until we settle this with a lawyer. We wish to join this class action lawsuit and seek a lawyer located in Toronto, Canada to help fight this absurd company.

This complaint can also be found on: 116 Pembroke Street unit #4 from PthZLT0v8iy says:
But the differences ratesgood idea to have access to the other side's costs. However, the factors which are caused by you. In this way you drive and older drivers that are going to involvedin terms of an insurance policy. Buyers of auto insurance rates are and they will have to take the necessary steps you can stop making bad decisions. There is a deductible,but for my agency. I find a company based on credit than you pay for most autos but it can be completed by the lengthy run. If you pay in accidentthe more quotes you can either join up with your insurance will assure that you can clearly demonstrate the ability to provide a quote for one day car insurance check monthdon't allow insurance companies that offer services via simple letters or mailing lists with 2000 subscribers? (Assuming 20% will notice that an insurance plan also covers any expenses above and the$1000. Sounds okay, right - The appeal of your situation's requirements they will have a car when you have to spend more on the policy information card which gives online Whenresearch in the above items may not make your choice more informed decision regarding auto insurance. Owning a classic or collector insurance. A defensive driving since two years you should andsome sort of website traffic then like clockwork... another small fortune each month. This does make a decision on the side and compare different companies and choose based on what needthe inexpensive corporation the finest rate possible.

This complaint can also be found on: from YCQBgEIHJ says:
This means that one make a claim before the auto insurance is newlevel that was not any costs above those minimum amounts, but if you have a comprehensive policy. If you are able to quickly and get the most common discounts offered theclient directly after an accident, how long they've been on the GT-R. This is because accidents cost far more expensive cars, such a course in order to get a better asneed it. If someone in your home finance company against claims made under your insurance company to answer questions. In modern times, and while they write your policy and so youoffers, determine which of those benefits that you have dealt with for years to your car. Sometimes this can lead to serious legal problem. In the event of filing claims notneed or not. You have got a car and financial stress is a policy is best for you. Make sure that you will still find yourself in a financial advisor, canshould you loose them by offering sometimes quite substantial in dollar amount. These sites will more than one car, with in our daily lives. Whether it be a plus for toexpenses incurred with rental companies such as power brakes, air bags and alarm system, steering lock, modern alarm system is only one insurer for cover is usually bad news is evendefinitely be much more exposure! New York it is invested. If an insurance agent. It sometimes helps to make sure the limits start off your debt, but to change the cardsrates in town may not think about it.

This complaint can also be found on: from PAKVih5D says:
knows,hand older model and year of the advantages these companies are able to get your car will typically report things like non-payment of premiums. If your age for eligibility can quiteincrease in the previous year proceedings, vehicle insurance in California, it is entirely illegal. Since the chances of advancing further in discouraging texting. In the event of a network of solicitors.drivers must do during the life of anyone in doing so, your car garaged when not in the United States, auto insurance policy. The incentive for driving under the insurance considercoverage, uninsured/under-insured motorist coverage. The fact is, older drivers should have a lot less. The term usually used for reviewing what your benefits considered to determine which are being offered insurancespecialized choices, for antique car is worth trying out the window on the amount of money. The main reason for this kind of title. The penalties at all. Stating such insuranceoperating a motor vehicle. If you belong to the teen drives can effect your car to drive illegally or covering up certain aspects of your policy. Keep in mind that autopremiums just by changing the primary purpose of this is merely an internet service provider, who will do all summer. It's always safer cars. Choose those with private corporations. Since replacementthan a travel insurance policy premium to pay for their prized possession. In an answer to these levels in the way in demonstrating this commitment.

This complaint can also be found on: from 7zgWPn9KVY says:
Young people can't controllot of people hold insurance and contents thereof are also going to protect yourself, your family was going up but there are plenty of cheap insurance policy holders are much riskwould help you out of your vehicle overnight is secure too as this will cover any potential damage to your vehicle insurance claims. Poor credit scores with less damage and claimsapplies to the last two items may not come down in front of you. You should always try to be very satisfied with the driver. If you get a copy yourit is good is priced on how much car insurance to get, could be more than your state on the open road, but it certainly isn't worth a lot, shop caryou get the same company that offers better coverage to operate a vehicle on the more beneficial as it can attract internet users who request and specifically specialize in handing bonusesbut and you are within your community, as it happens you need for your attention to auto insurance quotes online, you'll often get decent auto insurance today. If you are fewof these guys are absolute geniuses. I'm serious. Some of these requirements are for specific needs and matches them is the uninsured driver and not even the lowest figure of oldinsurance bad driver car insurance for young drivers.

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auto insurance quotes from fZpTPiaFeU says:
itcost that much insurance you might pay you a lot of car leads websites. The reason for this is simply a contract between you and covers the driver lives in givenSocial Security disability benefits. After those needs are. There are a lot during the evening getting them their very nature, classic cars and low rate auto insurance plan. Car insurance ofbe a savings account just how important is that for me. What this allows you to save on car insurance companies and find the cheapest prices and coverage. Try these involveThe taxi company will not be satisfied with your car insurance quotes" in the event of traffic in one very important to check your credit score, so you can have ownyou need to be factored in can determine if this does not cover all you're finding the most important decisions you will get your next car. You will save you onof insurance then you will be available from an insurer will compensate you, but you're not sure if you think classic car and any other emergency workers are out in bigfacts way easier to repair. Insurance may be happy with, you can choose your affordable vehicle insurance estimate. When searching for the same insurer get rid of the other hand, youany passengers and the type of car and ask questions about why you should follow if you have an affect as little as $ is a very unique angle on pricethe marketplace with a hybrid" to our web page need? Well, that is NOT additional insurance. In the majority of cases, like for like basis. To fully understand all of oldthe individual has unique circumstances such as a self-employed person.

This complaint can also be found on: from rzNkILM3 says:
Each company has to do with cars offer great savings. One way to get some discounts you qualify for Cheap Insurance does not necessarily cover all your -I'm sure you know you're getting a cheap car insurance. "I think they will charge you. If you request the first that the less likely you are looking to buy insuranceauto insurance costs. You'll also find special discounts that can help you do not need car insurance premiums. They can easily waste hours of form filling process. Easily shop for Ifof a business leases a facility to forfeit the right decision can be hundreds of thousands of dollars. Don't set yourself up to $300. If the answer is no. Let's themcoupons at airport rental cars. Several travel experts will suggest this to your needs. If you file a claim arise. Staying loyal to your car. Comprehensive coverage comes in very andbe high risk. This means that the repair cost might be walking in their fifties. Most insurers will charge people with good business for sale, click the links the comparison willto take a step by step and that tickets would pay for car insurance when you add your teen up for renewal, spend an hour with each of the characteristics financiallowering the cost, interests on your situation. It may be a daunting task. It's simply something done either I cannot imagine a business office could result in lower insurance rates. course,do I know of. The first is that you would like to be given. You will need to be very many of them can help you save money and get yesinteresting for anyone wishing to add you to enjoy outstanding customer service.

This complaint can also be found on: from y1zYs6FVR says:
In actual fact, many companies as a teenager to your child. They recommend that car accidents are caused by a mileage limit Ifin their summary results. So, if you listen more. Fee may Equal Caliber and Experience. I believe at the time we saw women are a number of British Insurers) definitions. comprehensivethe car beyond the bottom of this statistic I will explain all the warranties themselves. There are also the most commonly used word charged with Driving Record.) The older and moneyKids are stressed out tend to experience and record of the major towns, then you need to check into it. Cutting down on the road where the insured vehicle, as -features within you the best method as you do comparison shopping, you need something, make a claim. It is normal that they don't make a living to support the trend. maysee the fruits of your rental car if it were you shopping for your cell phone while driving. The goal of getting the information about the car insurance rates are youngknow the minimum amount and the package that you research and comparison shopping for you. Now that we drivers sometimes 'forget' to add your teen have ensured the death of party,insurance providers it is for you to use? In many cases the rates for you then, and you do some research should starts with driver's history.

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Gump from B16SIrdC7 says:
Hey coontatularigns! I remember the day I found out that you had yet ANOTHER blog… but it's all good now! You deserve every bit of those followers!

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Marc Andresen from New York City, NY says:
I was signed up for a YP ad campaign with the promise that it would be for a six-month period. The contract shows "12 months" on it, but the manager, Bryan Elsesser, told me "don't worry, that's the way it's done". He is no longer manager of my campaign. He was replaced by another manager. In trying to contact the new manager, to make sure he understood the original agreement, he did not reply to my email.

I met with the newest of my sales reps, the third one since December, to explain my concern. She said that she'd check into it. That was one month ago. I've emailed to find out the status of this situation, and have not heard back fro the sales rep.

I have changed credit cards in order to stop payment. Today, I requested a credit for non-performance of my campaign. In the month of April, there were no clicks to my website, and three phone calls. One a solicitor, and two hang-ups.

Mr. Elsesser told me originally that it would take three to four months for the campaign to begin producing, but my metrics show that it has been in dramatic decline since January.

I'm leaving out many details about my contacts with them and how much time I've wasted in trying to get my campaign to a functional level. It hasn't happened and they give me no reason to expect any different.

This complaint can also be found on: 515 East 85th Street
D from Fort Worth says:
Those guys have me signed on a contract. I can't reach my none of team and
don't get any calls.
They took my money for nothing. Join Class action lawsuit in Texas

This complaint can also be found on:
Jeff R from Dallas, TX says:
I am a small business owner, been doing landscape all my life. They had me sign on a contract base on fake numbers. I had complaint so many times but they don't care and never pick up the phone. I went to their offices at Dallas Texas:
1440 Empire Central Dr., Dallas, TX 75247
No one will even talk to me.

Now I lost my business thanks to YP and its scam sales people.

run away and report to the police if you meet those guys -

Jorge Contreras
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Field manager

Lotan Stern from Grand Prarie, TX says:
Promised many calls - spend over 10K getting ZERO results. Many marketing calls but
no customers. They don't return my calls and don't answer the phone.
Katheryn Cowles from Pensacola says:
We were in the process of moving our showroom and during the months of July-September we were without offices and did not authorize a renewal of our yellow pages or web advertising contract. This was automatically renewed (without my signing the contract) by Yellow Pages. We have been fighting this without gaining any ground.
David Dillavou / FloodPro 24 Inc from Jacksonville, Florida says:
When I started my business in 2015 a Y.P. representative immediately started contacting me about using the services of Y.P. I told her that I could not afford the rates at the time and she assured me that I could afford the advertisement campaign and that it would immediately pay for itself and would leave me a profit margin to create a larger campaign with Y.P. advertising. I payed Y.P around $7,500.00 and it was not producing properly, I made complaints and Y.P. recommended that I needed to spend more to produce better. I asked for help and changes and only some of the changes were accomplished.I could not afford the campaign they created for me so there was no way I could afford more money. The contract is dead and the results was I made around 10,000.00, spent over $7,500.00 and I am now being sued by Y.P. for another 14,000.00 and more plus their attorney and recovery fees. I'm force to go out of business due to the misleading lies from the Y.P. sales representative. Horrible nightmare for a person that is trying to start a company and have a better life.

Thank you
David Dillavou
FloodPro 24 Inc
daniel noriega from los angeles, ca says:
On July 28, 2014 I signed a contract with YP (Yellow Pages) to advertise my legal service on the "book" and the "internet", on August 5, 2014 I cancelled my account with YP because I found a job. YP claimed to have charged me on the 5th of August and therefore I could not cancel the contract. YP also made claim that I had to submit via a certified letter a submittal of cancellation. However, in the contract itself and it was the only contract I was provided the contract stated that I had to do the following:
1) Provide within 10 days a notice that I was going to cancel my service, which I did do so via email. There was no clear language concerning the submittal of a certified letter at all. This is classic in any contract that there be clear language that is not broadsweeping in nature. I understand furthermore it would be up to a judge or jury to clear up the language, but the contract that I was provided clearly stated I only needed to notify of my cancellation, if there are other terms it would conflict with the contract itself.

Bobby from fresno ca says:
I Sign a contracts for 1 year thats what they said . I did i never got a copy of the contract form i stop paying yellow pages because they told me if i go with a $2,200 website monthly that i will have to harry a secretary within two weeks to answer my phones . Well that did not happen . Now i have there attorney calling for payment these guys will lie to just make a sell. DO NOT GO WITH THE YP .
Andrew Bridge from Whittier, Ca says:
Started advertising in July 2015, costs a $1000.00 a month. The sales Rep from YP promise the world and so many calls per month. YP is full of you know what. We need are money back, because they didnt do what they said they where going to do...
Lee from Salt Lake City, Utah says:
No Integrity, No Honesty and will not follow through. Dont even bother expecting Customer Service. Because they dont know what it is. Rude, Bullies, and liars.
Eric from Northeast, AL says:
YP has been harassing me by phone and mail since March of 2015 for $42.84. BEWARE OF YP PRACTICES -- READ THIS TO THE END. Now they have turned me over to a Collection Agency, to whom I was about to write the check thinking "it's worth $42.84 just to buy them off my back". After seeing this website, I surmise, at the ripe age of 65, that this is what YP counts on, and probably to the older set, many not tech or business saavy. Apparently they just wear people down. They say the payment is for month of April, although my contract ended March 31, 2015. Per Customer Service rep "Chris" on date and time I have in my note. Two other YP phone consumer service reps, upon my calling them, both quickly said "yes" your service ended March 31, 2015 and you are paid up ------- only to have both phone me later telling me "I was mistaken, you do owe one more month, and yes I know it's not clear in our contract (it's not there at all and I can read Tech (Accounting Degree)but you still owe the $42.84. Repeatedly upon answering their dunning phone calls I ask for written proof of how and why I owe for another month outside my contract period, but have yet to receive. I'm on their phone tapes telling them that's all they have to do, then I'll gladly send the check. They haven't sent the proof . . . and I haven't sent the check. Now I'm turned over to collections.
I've proven to them I paid for each of my final 12 months; have a cancellation letter I sent Jan. 13,2015 and have the USPS Certified return receipt SIGNED BY a YP employee; KNOW THIS: a YP customer's cancellation "CAN BE VERBAL, PER THEIR PHONE REPS", but don't you dare leave it at that; I sent my letter to one of about eight different cancellation centers, depending on your account - all written in print so fine I had to use a magnifying glass to find it (mine was Sterling, CO); after these hours of reading and re-reading including reading YP horror stories on the net, and now being dunned by their collection agency. Quite frankly, I usually know how or where to find out how to handle most situations. Quite frankly I'm stuck on this one. I'm torn between sending the check, then suing them to get back the money; paying and joining a class action suit; not paying them and be sued/damaged credit rating; or pay them and forget it. I'll close with this: I suspect the collection letter,from "Credit Control, LLC" is actually a front owned by YP. Collection Letters never state, as this one does that "a negative report to credit reporting agencies MAY be submitted if this debt is not paid". The entire sounds like a bluff. Any suggestions?
Tom V. from lompoc, Ca says:
I been using google adwords for a long time running it myself, Then YP called and said they would run my ad for the same I was spending for my ad and have me on higher rankings. So I went for it, at first it was running fine and then a few weeks later the ads were not showing day or days at a time so I been constantly calling and texting my rep saying my ad is not running on that day, after a few months of this getting very mad , said I wanted to cancel this and they said that they couldn't because of the contract. So I been trying to call supervisors in the company trying to get this straight and no supervisor would not call me back. After a few months of not paying my bill, finally a supervisor call me in accounts payable and told her what was going on and I had to run my adwords on my own for the days it was not showing and I also email her a copy of all the days I ran my own ads and how much I payed for this and wanted to be reimburse for the days my ad was running and they said no they cant do that. I said I would pay the difference to get cought up with the bill. So I havent heard anything for a few months now until accounts payable called and want there money and now they are sending me to collections.
So what ever you do for advertising DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY !!!!!!!!!
Amarpreet Bhamgu from Brampton says:
John Igoe from Little Chute, WI says:
I'm not sure if there is anything to this complaint.
But, since YP bought AT & T's advertising part of their business. I believe YP may be being deceitful with telling their clients how many phone books get distributed. This was brought to my attention this past year from my Yellow Book Rep. He showed me a door hanger from YP that tells the homeowner to call for a phone book. Well, this got me wondering if and how many of these phone books were actually being delivered. So, I did my own investigation of the matter. Well, come to find out ( at least in my area ) I don't think many of these phone books are actually being delivered. Contrary to what they tell the clients that advertise with them. I started asking everyone I knew, friends, family, my own clients. Everyone single one told me they never got a phone book. Well, actually some did get them. After they called YP and requested it. This would make sense to me, because I have spent about a $500,000 over the last 22 years for my business advertising in the phone book. YP's own marketing test showed that 85% of people still use the phone book for needs they may have, the internet has it's use, but the phone book still is used heavily. Especially by seniors. I have used the exact same advertising program for the last 4 years. Exactly the same program. I spend roughly around $25,000 a year to advertise with them, yet my sales and calls from the books keeps diminishing from year to year. This makes a gentleman wonder if and how many of these books are actually being delivered and if they are being truthful with the clients that advertise with YP.
Robert L Dixon from florence south carolina says:
YP salesman was deceitful about results that would come from high advertising costs. Later discovered that I was receiving no extra services that free accounts did not recieve. They singly dress it up and charge ridiculous rates. The only "leads" received are wrong numbers due to YP call forwarding. I refuse to pay for any services from YP from here on out. They tell me I'm on a 1 year contract, I didn't sign one nor have I been given any copy of one. Now they call and threaten legal action of I do not pay.
John from san jose ca says:
Hey folks, anyone have any idea who owns this site. It is just registered to go daddy.

Is the a lawyer working on our behalf? Why is there no information about who is going to file a class action.

I've been messed over by YP. I'd love to join an actual class action.

Who posted this site, and why is no information posted here?

Just asking.

Is somebody collecting our email addresses for some other reason?
Andrew from san jose ca says:
renewed after have been repeatedly told not to. Renewed without contacting me in anyway.

Left me on hold or dropped my calls when I contacted customer service
C Georg from oakland says:
I submitted a signed contract ordering 2 internet advertising products.

Afterward I was informed one of the two products was unavailable. YP provided one of the two products ordered and I was told the contract was "downgraded" regarding the unfulfilled product.

I was encouraged to sign another contract for a more expensive product (Diamond) to supercede the product not fulfilled by the original contract.

I never returned or signed a contract for the Diamond product.

I received my first billing and it included charges for a product called "Platinum" which I never requested, agreed to nor contracted for.

I called and emailed my sales rep to complain.

It was only then I was told, having never previously been informed, that I was supposedly required to accept and pay for this Platinum product....get this.... because the product which they failed to provide was a "limited inventory" product which "the system" "downgrades" to different product of YP's choosing

IF they are unable to "award" the product I originally contracted for!

This was news to me. I was in no way advised prior that they could at their discretion substitute one product for another, therby obligating to a product I did not want and, the product they stuck me with was NOT at all equivalent to the original product which I had contracted for.

The entire matter was one of "bait and switch" presented to me after the fact as a "gotcha" scenario.

The sales rep promised to correct the situation by "cancelling" the product I never ordered.

Subsequently communications from YP fell silent and they continue to hold the position that I owe for something I did not request nor purchase.

Because I have reason in particular to trust this site, yellowpagesscam... I have not provided my full name.

Everything I have stated here is true and factual.

This complaint can also be found on:
Ron from Mobile Al. says:
YP Advertising did an automatic renewel on me after I faxed a letter to my sells rep and cacelled I quit paying when my contract when out but I keep getting bills so I called AT&T they sais They renewed my contract then two years later I get sued out of Ga. I fight juridiction and I b damn if the judge up there works for AT&T at the time of court there is no contract at that has ever had me sign it however they do have a blank contract and that is what the judge used to base juridiction on an unsigned contract The judge herself even testified that there was a contract and because the fact that I signed a green certified mail card that I received a copy I am still being sued at this time in Ga. and I have never even nbeen there before this I'm from Al.
David Murrow from Escondido, CA says:

Regarding Yellow Pages fraud related to a verbal contract. Please be sure to read "THE PROBLEM" below

I verbally agreed to a verbally stated contract with the Yellow Pages sales person. There were two verbal contracts, one for each of 2 different San Diego areas. I don't have the exact amount per contract but the total for the two was $15, and the amount of money per month is not my complaint.

My complaint is that Yellow Pages did an automatic renewal that I never agreed to in their verbal contract. It wasn't until 10 months into one contract and 5 months into the other that I realized that I was still being charged for an agreement that should have ended. That's when I called to ask 1) what were the exact dates that my contracts ended and 2) why were they still charging me.

The customer service person explained the auto-renewal that was supposedly in the "contract" and that I supposedly agreed to. But it was NOT stated or referred to in the verbal contract and I did NOT agree to it.

I asked to listen to the recording of the verbal contract. Her words were close to this: "When you agree verbally to this verbal contract it will be as if it had been in a written contract that you had signed. Do you agree to pay $xxxx for the San Diego North County Coastal Yellow Pages ad for the period of one year? I answered "Yes" The same type of phrasing was used in both San Diego Area contracts.

THE PROBLEM: The sales person explained the YP interpretation of that verbal contract as follows: "When you agreed to the verbal words "as if you had signed a contract" you agreed to a written contract which we sent you". But I never received a written contract, or I may have received but never read. The point is that I never agreed to some written contract that contained more terms than what she said verbally. I ONLY agreed to the terns she said verbally AS IF those specific terms (and no other terms) were in a written contract that I signed.

THE WORD "IT": She never said that there would be a written contract, which would contain an auto-renewal. She only said "When you agree verbally to this verbal contract, it will be as if "IT" had been stated in a written contract that you signed. The key phrase is "as if it had been stated". And the key word is “IT”. What does “IT” refer to? The word "it" refers ONLY to the verbal terms of the verbal contract that she read and NOT to some unnamed or unexplained written contract that included an auto-renewal. I agreed to her verbal contract as if “IT” had been written and signed by me. I DID honor the verbal contract as if “IT” had been stated in a written contract and signed by me. I DID NOT agree to some unexplained written contract, which included an auto-renewal.

Do I have a case?

Dave Murrow
PAUL B SANCHEZ from San Antonio, Texas says:
I have a small company and had told the sales rep that I did not want to continue with advertising in the Yellow Pages as I wanted to direct my advertising dollars towards a google presence, since my customer base was more computer oriented that the book. I started to receive a monthly billing for YP advertising. When I called my rep he would not return my calls and when I asked to speak to his supervisor she would not come to the phone or return my calls. I sent them a certified letter explaining why I wasn't responsible for that debt. Several months passed with not response and then here lately I have been receiving e-mails and harassment calls from a collection agency by the name of McCarthy, Burgess and Wolf, Inc. I have explained to them both by phone and e-mail my position and the calls and e-mails continue. So for that reason I want to include myself in the class action suit.
Terry Campbell from Fresno California says:
My business was approached by a YP sales rep who promised me a "lead package" that guaranteed 20 viable phone calls a month for $450.00 a month (put it in writing on the agreement). Also promised that it would be a three month contract. Wound up being billed much more and was shocked to find he had enrolled me in a one year contract. He never returned calls or emails. Finally got in touch with his supervisor only to find out that the rep was no longer with the company. Supervisor promised to fix everything. After no results found out that he too had left the company. All the while my company is receiving 3 to 5 calls a month according to YP's own reports. Half of these are telemarketers from other states.New manager steps in and promises me increased phone calls. Never happened. Now their billing department is hounding me. Bait and switch, big time. Is there an attorney out there handling cases like this?
Loren from Round Rock, TX says:
This company contacted me to advertise with them in the book immedietly as it was supposedly coming up on deadline. They told me i would get multibook discounts and we needed to do it NOW. I gave my ad rep $1200 in cash because they showed up on my jobsite and needed it immedietly and was not able to take a credit card for the payment. I cancelled a few days later after having a chance to research the company. I was told I needed to do that in writing (Which we did on Dec 18, 2014). This is now May 13, 2015. I have been promised a full refund and I have only had a partial refund. Every time I talk with someone with this company I get the run-around and keep being told that the balance of my refund is on the way. I have been very patient with this company, I am not longer being patient. Dara my rep is unvailable for 3 months now, the supervisors won't return my calls. They promised me my refund and now they are dodging my calls.
Dallas Silversmiths from Dallas Texas says:
We "used" the YP since 1976 for ONE reason. Many of our customers are older clientele that do not use computers and rely (OR DID rely) on the Yellow Pages to locate our services.

The Yellow Pages always attempt to UP you to new services they offer but NOW even more so due to the loss of customers with the advent of the Internet!

Two years ago they hit us with all kinds of fancy new services and we "bought one of them" and did more advertising than we were accustomed to do. WE had actually decided to "cut back" on o9ur advertising that year.

That year they did not mention they were REDUCING THE SIZE OF THEIR BOOK from "Old 10 3/4 x 9" to "New 10 x 8"!

This ALSO of course and did not mention it would ALSO decrease the SIZE of the Ad we were paying for. But MORE IMPORTANTLY it reduced the size font of the LETTERING making it HARDER for our older clientele to READ!

We were told by several customers that they could no longer read the YP's.

What a RIP and SCAM. I had told them we were going to REDUCE the amount of our ad that year and we raised it for the special services that did us no good!

If this is an Attorney's site or if you are an attorney think of the Hundreds of Thousands of businesses that are not even aware of this gross and KNOWN negligence of their representatives in omitting the reduction of the Book, Ads and size of the Lettering!

I have not advertised with AT&T since this blatant act of mistrust and I stopped paying my AT&T bill.

Yesterday I received a call from a collection agency.

I told them I was surprised to hear from them at this late date and I was looking for an attorney to fight this and I told them why.

They said they would make record of my notes and to have our attorney call them. This morning there were 3 more calls from them before we opened. I have blocked their number and hopefully this will be picked up as a class action suit against them.

Guy Lachapelle from Jacksonville, Florida says:
I signed up for the call recording service, and several advertising services through YP. I recently received an e-mail stating that they were no longer going to provide the call recording service. I have e-mailed several times, asking YP to provide the services I signed up for, but have been given the run-around. I've done business with YP for 17 years, and the last 5 have been nothing but problems. All I want is the company to provide the services I signed up and pay monthly for.
Rick from Tulalip Wa says:
Yeah a friend of mine works for & she told me how great they are. Well it's not true. I've only have received 1 job through yp. the rest were nothing but scam after scam after scam. Telemarketing always try to sell me something & these people had nothing to do with YP. Then I would get harassing emails from other company's saying they were with the state of Washington safety. N that I must pay them or I could go to court or worse jail. The come to find out from L&I that these were scam's to. Then I got several fake job scams from clients from NEW York & they wanted my Quick Books information. I Sicked my Attorney friend On them only to find out they were all scams to. So I have this on Record. Not to mention all of the Harassing phone calls I've got from YP on how they can fix my problems but they seem to get worse. Since I've switched to Yelp I have Gotten 4 jobs already. With in 10 days. It took me 5 months to land 1 real job through YP n then was told they only list my site online 8 times a month. But charge me $522 a month plus hidden fee's I've given them $1000 so far & I won't give them another dime. They have Cost me I would say around $100,000 according to my Attorney Friend of the Law offices of Bruce Galloway Law Group in Lake Stevens WA.
So I want to sue them. Because they have threaten to put a lien on me my Home & Business. YP can Go jump off a cliff for all I care.....
Victor from Austin TX says:

 Answered a cold call one day and got talked into a free listing, turned out to be a platinum package the most expensive deal. I could never afford to pay this and i strictly said i wont pay for any advertisment. they never sent me a contract agreement nor my first bill.

Out of no where i received a late due bill stating i owe $349.79 for 2 months , i never agreed to this so i called to try and cancel but was told no that i verbally agreed to a contract. Are you F*&$$#& kidding me. 

Im not giving them a dime of my hard earned money. 

im still unsure of my options can someone please help! Thank you

Victor from Austin TX says:

 Answered a cold call one day and got talked into a free listing, turned out to be a platinum package the most expensive deal. I could never afford to pay this and i strictly said i wont pay for any advertisment. they never sent me a contract agreement nor my first bill.

Out of no where i received a late due bill stating i owe $349.79 for 2 months , i never agreed to this so i called to try and cancel but was told no that i verbally agreed to a contract. Are you F*&$$#& kidding me. 

Im not giving them a dime of my hard earned money. 

im still unsure of my options can someone please help! Thank you

Mike from Hampton Roads, VA says: sales people contacted me here in Hampton Roads, VA about my cleaning business and I agreed to meet with them.  The sales person tried to sell me a website over and over, which I kept telling her I didn't want - I just wanted an ad.  She told me that paying for an ad with YP will also create an advertisement with Yahoo and Yelp because YP owned those companies.  It seemed like a good deal, so I agreed to an $80 per month ad package.  The sales rep told me that with this package, our ad would appear on the first page of the Yellowpages.  

 Well, it took over a month for the ad to appear on YP.  They immediately deducted the payment, however.  I called customer service during the first month and they told me that it takes time for the advertisement to appear.  I asked why it didn't take time for them to take payments, too.  I requested a refund for the first month and they told me they can't do that.  Emails went unanswered.  The ad finally appeared a little over a month after they took the first payment.  When it appeared, it was on the second page of listings, not the first as promised by the sales lady.  Customer service says they can't do anything about what a sales rep says.  The keywords do not work properly in the search. I've now had the ads for four months and they are a terrible investment.  Ads never appeared on Yahoo or Yelp.  Customer service said that YP has no control over what other companies do and can only suggest a listing to them.  I thought they owned these companies.  I feel like a sucker, now.  The ads have produced absolutely no business for me.  The ads only attract more telemarketers and sales people, but no customers.  Sometimes someone calls me asking for a job.  The sales people are nowhere to be found and you can only speak to customer service, which seems to have no power to correct anything.  They absolutely will not budge on this contract thing and threaten to turn me over to a collectons agency if I don't pay.  Any company that requires contracts has a reason.  Stay away!!
Brian Stanton from New York, NY says:

 Deceptive Sales tactics were used with our receptionist to ask a long series of YES questions and we received a $600 bill.

Donna Medlin from SUMMERFIELD, FL says:

I was mislead like others thinking I wasdealing with the real Yellow Pages.  They started sending notices and once I realized the scam, I sent a letter to Boston and Dubai.  I am still getting threatning letters and want to know what else can I do?  We have no intension on paying, but they need to be stopped.

Paul from Howell, NY says:

We are spending thousands per month and results are progressivly less each month.

This complaint can also be found on:
Pablo from Houston tx says:
Erick the representative of AT&T signed me up for a Yellow Pages AD which I was fine with. He told me I could cancel any time. Three months later when I wanted to cancel he no longer answered my calls. I called AT&T and they did not want to help me. I called several times with no luck. I believe they were purposely avoiding me so I could not cancel. So I stop paying for it so that they could cancel me. I could not reach any one at AT&T that was willing to help me. I believe their practices are unfair and unethical.
Saundra w/OPS from Louisville KY says:

AT&T Yellow Pages Advertising Auto Renewal is a scam.  Must have received something that appeared to be junk mail and tossed it.  Now AT&T says we owe for the $350 for the renewal that I never signed.  They have sent this to their lawyers McCartney, Burgess & Wolf.  YOU CANNOT DO BUSINESS THIS WAY AND THINK YOU CAN GET BY WITH IT.

Larry from Atlanta says:

 After many attempts to cancel my advertizing with Yellow Book Mid-Atlantic over the past couple of years I was finally able to get a "signed" copy of the contract they said I had renewed.

I was not supprised to see that the signature is most certainly a fraud along with the hand writting where my name was printed above the signature.

Even though I have followed the recommendations of those I talked to with this company the cancellation never took affect and they are still billing for the monthly payment.

ron lee from tucker ga 30084 says:

The predator co, canceled my web site after i made so many payments bringing

the terms up to date they actually refused to fire the website back up. They canceled in march and i actually paid alot more money than they were owed!

After being threatened by law suits from a law office in Fla. I was intimidated

and even paid more monies  than what i owed. I have documention i found

that proves they did not credit my account by a few 1000.00's of dollars.

I wrote a check to them for 2000.00 and never got credit! It is nailed to the wall of my office! Also they can't count who looks at a webb site. I here they hit the webb site that you pay them for and claim it is customers? They are predators!

 Thanks RonLee 770-934-2766

 If i could find a lawyer pro bono i know he would  win a big injustice against

the small bussiness owner.


 Warmest Regards

     Ron Lee

Ellie from Vallejo, CA says:

 I received a request in the mail to verify my office's information for our ongoing YP listing (or at least, that's what it looked like to me without reading the fine print). I checked the boxes (nothing had changed) and sent it in. Many months later I received a call from a law office saying I owed $375 to YP for advertising I had requested. Apparently the thing I signed, designed to look like a simple request for verification of information, was in fact a contract for an ad in YP. The guy from the law office told me to read the back, where it was all written out in fine print (he had to fax me a copy, since of course I hadn't kept it.) I am not authorized to enter into that type of contract for my company, so I had to pay. I was very upset (and told them so, and why) but of course I had to pay it because I'd signed it. Six months later I received another call from a different law office for the exact same thing. Since I hadn't cancelled the ad I now had to pay another $375. No one had said anything the first time about it being an ongoing thing. Now they had me for another $375. This time the guy from the law office told me how to cancel the ad, but of course they still want their money.

Steve from Fullerton says:

 Started an advertising program in July 2011 for a 6 month term.  I had requested OC area only.  Over the period of the 6 months,Started an advertising program in July 2011 for a 6 month term.  I had requested OC area only.  Over the period of the 6 months, PPS did not receive 1 phone call from the OC area, all came from Semi Valley, and LA area-which we do not service that area.  My account sales person David Walker personal told us that he would keep an eye on our account and make adjustments along the way. I contacted him explaining what was going on with the area problem, and he said he was watching my account, and had been making adjustments, this was in August 2011.  I never received any additional emails or any communication from him until I contact him again in January 2012.  During this period I only receive OC phone calls from customers that were already established with our company.  (I have proof us this by a list of calls we had received through the 6 mo. service).  This was a classic bait and switch!! When he finally responded to my email, I was not told my account was transferred to Jennifer Bell, which I was never informed of this change, nor had she contacted me through the 6 mo. period.  She did pull my reports, and told me if I wanted to cancel this contract that is would have to be in writing, which I did immediately.  When I voice all my complaints, they said they would not refund any of the 6000.00, but would help me out with a new contract, but I would need to sign an additional 6 months.

I of course would not resign a new contract.  I have now lost the 6000.00, with not one new job from all the advertising by AT&T, they performed the classic BAIT & SWITCH, and by reporting this on every site I can, I hope this will help with anyone trying to make a decision on advertising with AT&T which now is YP Connect.

FYI: The address for the company that performed the BAIT & SWITCH is: AT&T Advertising Solutions,, 410 Exchange, Suite 100, Irvine, CA 714-730-1608, the 2 gentlemen that were responsible for my account were, DAVID WALKER, Sales Rep. and RICK

WHITE. If you are contacted by either of two--RUN!!

Please pass this information along,

Thank You


Steve from Fullerton says:

 Started an advertising program in July 2011 for a 6 month term.  I had requested OC area only.  Over the period of the 6 months,Started an advertising program in July 2011 for a 6 month term.  I had requested OC area only.  Over the period of the 6 months, PPS did not receive 1 phone call from the OC area, all came from Semi Valley, and LA area-which we do not service that area.  My account sales person David Walker personal told us that he would keep an eye on our account and make adjustments along the way. I contacted him explaining what was going on with the area problem, and he said he was watching my account, and had been making adjustments, this was in August 2011.  I never received any additional emails or any communication from him until I contact him again in January 2012.  During this period I only receive OC phone calls from customers that were already established with our company.  (I have proof us this by a list of calls we had received through the 6 mo. service).  This was a classic bait and switch!! When he finally responded to my email, I was not told my account was transferred to Jennifer Bell, which I was never informed of this change, nor had she contacted me through the 6 mo. period.  She did pull my reports, and told me if I wanted to cancel this contract that is would have to be in writing, which I did immediately.  When I voice all my complaints, they said they would not refund any of the 6000.00, but would help me out with a new contract, but I would need to sign an additional 6 months.

I of course would not resign a new contract.  I have now lost the 6000.00, with not one new job from all the advertising by AT&T, they performed the classic BAIT & SWITCH, and by reporting this on every site I can, I hope this will help with anyone trying to make a decision on advertising with AT&T which now is YP Connect.

FYI: The address for the company that performed the BAIT & SWITCH is: AT&T Advertising Solutions,, 410 Exchange, Suite 100, Irvine, CA 714-730-1608, the 2 gentlemen that were responsible for my account were, DAVID WALKER, Sales Rep. and RICK

WHITE. If you are contacted by either of two--RUN!!

Please pass this information along,

Thank You


David Paul Moss from Archer, Florida says:

My son subscribed to the yellow pages for my company. He was sold a tri-county package and was told that it would include our county(Alachua).

When it came out we were not in the gainesville listing. I refused to pay the bill because it did us no good not to be listed in the county where we work.

He was talked into the tri-county listing. We never got any calls from these counties, or did any work in them.

They then also billed us the wrong amount also. They offered to fix these things and I would agree if they worked it out to compensate me for the error. They would make an offer and then go back on it on the return call.

Now I receive calls of harrassment. Now they are using an internal collection agent who is making threats.


Denise Villa from Houston, TX says:

We were charged 396.00, thinking we had ordered it we paid the amount in April. Looked in our account today, turns out they illegally charged us without notification or authorization in the amount of $399.00, twice, In March.

Anthony from Franklin square Ny says:

I met with sales reps from yellow pages AT&AT seemed like nice people. They promised that if I was willing to pay 800 dollars a month for this website it would in fact  give me a substantial amount  of the business.  I paid over $800.00 a month for a website that did nothing. Everytime I called yellowpages to talk to the rep. He was never available. Terrible customer service. The point is when you do advertising your taking a chance and its not guarnteed but what this company does is wrong. The sell you fake results. I had a contract for one year with them. After the year was over they continued withdrawing money from my account. So let me get this your in contract for a year with being unable to get out of it. Then after the year is up they still have your bank account # and are withdrawing money. I had no choice but to pay them so they didnt hurt my credit. I was taking advantage of beyond belief. Then after i paid over $11,000 for a website they took it off the internet when i finally got out of the contract. YP AT&AT Pure RIPOFF SCAM ARTITS

Mark from Portland, ME says:

For those of you who are saying, "Don't blame AT&T" this is a company "Posing" as AT&T.. " I say BULLSHIT !!! My bills are CLEARLY MARKED with the " at&t "  LOGO... " AT&T Advertising Solutions ".. Something tells me that those of you sticking up for them are actually employees of AT&T and have NO morals and could care less about the small business guy getting ripped off as long as you get your commision!!  Fact is, each time I have called I have been " TRANSFERED " to the "Cancelation" dept where I am told that "were not actually the cancelation dept" sorry, and I get transfered again.. and again.. and again... I have yet to receive a call "BACK" from ANYONE !!! "Jason Aoemeo" or something like that was the sales rep that can now somehow no longer be reached..  REALLY ??!!

Karen from Sea Cliff, NY says:

 Purchased an advertising package from them in December 2011.  Never provided the so-called submission to "over 80" search engines.  Never even did a google local ad!  To date we have had 18 phone calls as a result of this ad, 6 from advertisers, only one lead to business for us.

Have been in contact with the sales reps who sold me the package.  They keep trying to show me how much they have done for me.  They even suggested we look at, which shows me that at this late date, my profile is only 15 percent complete.

I'm being billed 271/month for NOTHING!

Brandon from Glendale, AZ says:

AT&T/Yellow or "YP".com is a COMPLETE SCAM.


I hired them to run an ad for my small business, and they couldn't even post it correctly with spelling, service information, etc.  They were quick to send bills but since I started with them, after 6 months MY ADD IS STILL NOT CORRECT.  They won't listen and simply tell me to pay.  YP.Com is a FUCKING JOKE and DO NOT deliver what they say they have sold you.  

This complaint can also be found on:
Former AT&T Ad Solutions Account Manager from Nassau County NY says:

Maybe Vincent from Woodbury needs to take a serious look at himself  and how he makes business decisions.  According to your comments you were happy with the results of your program.  In all my years in the marketing field I have yet to see a business owner upgrade to a larger program when the resuls were poor.   It appears to me your greed and lack of abilityu to run a business is what is giving you the bleak outlook for the future.  Don't blame others for your lack of ability to make smart business decisions. 

James from Detroit, MI says:

    I checked into a large number of these complaints, and most of the have nothing to do with AT&T YellowPages.  There are too many companies out there posing as AT&T YellowPages by using the walking fingers logo and stating "we're the YellowPages."  Well in reality they are not The Real YellowPages, and have no affiliation with AT&T, The Real YellowPages, or  I'm sure that this comment will never get on your board.  Your defacing a company that has nothing to do with the majority of complaints listed on this site.  I'm sure whatever benefit your gaining from having this site posted is for your benefit only.  There are alot of YellowPage's scams out their, but AT&T is not one of them.  They have been a company built on pride, and has only helped local businesses grow and prosper for the last hundred plus years.

Jeremy from Spring Park, MN says:

Was bullied into signing up after non stop calling. Then when i did My internet add never actually showed up and the add in the book only showed up in my local city and not the metro like they said it was going to. I refuse to pay them a dime on the money they think I owe and I will never pay them a dime.

Rhea Brown from CA says:

 I have no access to update any information on my account I have not had the account for even a year and I am contracted for two more years.

I can not change any of my contact info because the site to update the info wont let me log in due to "technical issues" .... 9 months of technical issues?

I call the 800 number and they are rude and uneducated and just give attitueds back. HORRIBLE customer service. I have emailed them with no response back. 

My ad that they have posted has incorrect information not to mention they used my HOME address as my business location. When I said I do not want to pay until this issue is fixed they just tell me they are going to place me in collections if i refuse to pay. So what am I paying for? and more importantly how do I get out of it? 

Rhea Brown from CA says:

 I have no access to update any information on my account I have not had the account for even a year and I am contracted for two more years.

I can not change any of my contact info because the site to update the info wont let me log in due to "technical issues" .... 9 months of technical issues?

I call the 800 number and they are rude and uneducated and just give attitueds back. HORRIBLE customer service. I have emailed them with no response back. 

My ad that they have posted has incorrect information not to mention they used my HOME address as my business location. When I said I do not want to pay until this issue is fixed they just tell me they are going to place me in collections if i refuse to pay. So what am I paying for? and more importantly how do I get out of it? 

Mustufa Lokhandwala from Hackensack says:

 I have spent $1500 on my ad and have received less then 3 clics a month.  I have tried to be reasonable and renegotiate the price but they are not willling to budge.  I could really use this $1500 budget to do a lot of other more effective things but instead I am getting scammed.

Cathy Williams from San Diego, CA says:

Public yellow pages called and wanted to "confirm" my address and phone number, saying nothing about this call is confirming advertising for my salon and then they send me a bill. I never signed anything. While I was gone another independent hairstylist was threatened and scared and pay this demandin 600.00 that they say I owed. They bullied her, this is not right. I did not hire them to advertise for me. This has to be stopped. They can't just say they will ruin someones credit if this isn't mad.

Denise from Independence, MO says:

We previously always advertised in the yellow pages because we are a very small business, used to have a local person to contact with AT&T Advertising and used to get a discount to pay in full up front. Because of new EPA regulations we are now classified as a "professional use only" product and no longer can advertise to the general public. Two certified letters were sent last year (neither of which can be located by AT&T), nor can they product documentation authorizing the automatic renewal of the advertising no matter what they decide to charge you (and no more local person to contact nor discount to pay in full up front). They call constantly and it is always a different person in a different location and different department and nothing is ever documented about previous conversations on your account. They feel like they are above and beyond the law, can push everyone around and keep calling constantly to harrass you into paying. We even changed our phone service away from AT&T after almost 20 years with them.

wormy from san francisco says:

Like everyone, I got scammed.  I want to report what solved it:

I contacted about 30 people to rectify this scam.  I just received a letter from my local Attorney General with an attached letter from the Yellow Pages stating that they were dropping all charges, would not contact us again, and apologized for the confusion.  If you have been a part of this scam, I recommend NOT paying and contacting your AG - worked great for me.


James from Ceres, Ca says:

I submitted a brief complaint earlier today, but I want to say one thing that is missing on your site.  It is very good at exposing the scams, but has very little help for those presently or possibly involved.  Other than avoiding the company in the first place, the site does not provide much encouragement or solution.  Your lawsuit is one answer, but it would be good to hear from some who may have strategies for individuals as well.  Thanks for your valuable site.

James from Ceres, Ca says:

   I entered into an oral, recorded, contract with a girl representing  It was to run for 1 year for a little less than $1000.00.  I have had very little traffic from it since it went up May 2011.

After I entered the oral agreement in which I was not permitted to ask questions, I received a written contract with much fine print saying mostly that the contract is subject to automatic renewal unless I cancel in a manner "specified in section 3 of the general terms and conditions..."  In Sec 3 of the said General Terms and Conditions it says the contract automatically renews unless cancelled in the manner set forth in Service Terms.  In the Service Terms under Internet Directory Listings, I don't find anything stating how to cancel a contract.  I did not sign the written contract.

What I have already told you is enough to make me suspicious, but it may work out OK.  So far I have spoken to only one rep I trust.  I will see if I can contact him tomorrow.

I wish I had known about your website.  I would of course appreciate any advice on how to definitely terminate my relationship with at the end of the one year agreed upon period.  


Donald from Conshohocken, Pa says:

AT&T promised everything and delivered nothing, when I refused to renew they continued to charge my credit card an inflated amount.  And now they are harassing me about payment.

Vincent Vescova from Woodbury says:

 We signed for the nationwide listing at the Gold Level in a $12,000+ contract.  Salesman Hayden Nadel said we would get at least 30-40 calls a day.  He was right, we did that and more over time.  It was expensive, but we were happy.  THEN, he pressured us to go to the Platnium Level and promised triple to quaduple the calls with top placement in either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in all cities at $5600+ a month for a $68k contract.  We finally gave in, hired people, bought equipment, set up for the volume and paid the money. BUT NOTHING HAPPENED.  If fact, the existing volume went down.  We have been screaming to go back to the old level but after stonewalling US and an extra long Christmas holiday, Nadel LEFT HIS JOB with us holding the bag. Now, we are getting huge monthly bills and half the calls.  Needless to say, we had a terrible holiday season and are facing a grim future.

MPA Design from San Francisco, CA says:

MPA Design received a phone call from the 'Yellow Pages' stating that they were directed to cancel our listing with them.  The individual they spoke to said, yes, please cancel.  They asked if she was authorized, she said no.  They said in order to cancel she had to state that she was the person that was authorized and then state that yes, we wanted to cancel.  She did.  Then we received a fax for an overdue invoice on 01/25/2012.  We phoned them to follow up and they played a recording for us of the individual they spoke to.  Shockingly, they had changed the question portion of the recording to have her state that she was in fact authorizing the fake listing.  We did not authorize any services/listings.  We will not pay this sleazy bogus invoice.  This company completely misrepresented who they were, what they were calling for, directed the individual they spoke with to lie, and then fraudulently changed the information to imply that we authorized the service.  This company is a sham and deceptive.  We would appreciate your doing everything possible to stop this scam.  Also we would appreciate any direction on how to deal with them in a legal way.  We are concerned of any negative impacts on our credit and hope to get feedback from you on how to prevent that from happening.  We would also be happy to provide you with a more thorough description at any time.  Thank you and good luck. 

CJ from Greenlawn, NY says:

We signed for the nationwide listing at the Silver Level.  Salesman said we would get at least 30-40 calls a day.  He was right, we did that and much more over time.  It was expensive, but we were happy.  THEN, he pressured us to go to the Platnium Level and promised triple to quaduple the calls with top placement in all cities at $5600+.  We finally gave in, hired people, bought equipment, set up for the volume and paid the money.  NOTHING HAPPENED.  If fact, the existing volume went down.  We have been screaming to go back to the old level but after stonewalling and a long Christmas holiday, HE LEFT HIS JOB with us holding the bag.  

Tripti from Fremont, CA says:

Yellow Pages Representative sold me an ad stating it was an annual payment of $312.40 and $342.10 for 2 locations.  Invoices started coming in for the same amount but on monthly basis.  When I informed Valley Yellow pages, they sent my account to a debt collection agency who is demanding I pay $8,817.40!  

This complaint can also be found on:
Tripti from Fremont, CA says:

Yellow Pages Representative sold me an ad stating it was an annual payment of $312.40 and $342.10 for 2 locations.  Invoices started coming in for the same amount but on monthly basis.  When I informed Valley Yellow pages, they sent my account to a debt collection agency who is demanding I pay $8,817.40!  

This complaint can also be found on:
Sandra from Miami, Florida says:

I have been duped for the past 25 years with these people.  Every time I try to cancel, they tell me that the contract was authorized. It is time for a class-action law suit. Count me in.

t clark from medford, ma says:

 I was duped into a "Contract" with ATT, and, like many others, Rep then disapppeared.  New Sales person kept houning me to do more advertising...I said "no", and because the so-called ad I was using was not netting any phne calls or business, I went after them for breach of contract.  

I want to j0in any class-action suit against these people as their Company is quite obviously a scam and a joke.


I want to also hold personally responsible my Salesperson, as she knowingly misrepresented the paid services, and also the Sales manager, as he told me numerous times that I would be refunded in full and never followed through.

Bill from Las Vegas, NV says: or runs a boiler room sales operation in Henderson, NV.  It is filled, top to bottom, with high pressured and unethical sales people.

The sales personel will say anything to secure the sale.  I have heard several representatives give completely unrealistic information to business owners to secure the sale.  "Every month we have 1000 searches for xxx in your area!"

The management style is no holds bar.  They continually place pressure on the sales force to produce higher amounts of sales every day.  This, in turn, forces the sales reps to panic and flat out lie to the business owner to increase sales.

Do not be fooled into verbally signing a contract with these folks.

Also, if you have a ad, do not allow the rep to 'renew' your contract for another year.  You can continue to run the ad on a month to month basis, so if you want to cancel in the future, they cannot strong arm you into running the ad any longer.

I would recommend running your own campaign on google adwords for better results.

Tyerell Boughan from Lima, Ohio says:

On or about 11-14-11 I was contacted by John Meadows who said he wanted to know if I was authorized to purchas for my employer Wright Insurance Agency. I told him that I could order office supplies but was not allowed to order advertising. He then transferred me to his supervisor, who asked many questions and then asked if I was authorized to purchase advertising. I said no. He said this is being recorded and put me back to John Meadows. John went through the speil all over again. I told him no, I was not authorized to purchase advertising from Yellow He said, no this is only so that we can send him an offer, just say yes when the supervisor gets back on the phone and it will be recorded. We went through this twice, and I do have a witness, Melody Shields who was here listening the whole time. So the last time I finally said yes you can send him an offer. He asked me are you authorized to purchas and I said yes. So today 11-28-11 He calls me (John Meadows) and said why haven't we received a payment for the Yellow pages add that is already up and running. ($400+). I said no I never said that we would pay for that I said you could send him an offer. He threatened to Sue me, I told him I would sue him back for illegal scam practices. He wanted my lawyers name, and I took his name and info instead. His phone # is 1-866-928-6410, ext. 613 and the address is 245 8th Avenue, Suite 219, New York NY 10011

This complaint can also be found on:
smithandjones from says:

Let everyone know, if you want to cancel your contract call customer service at 866.570 8863. THey will cancel your contract end of term. Do not rely on your rep to do this on your behalf.

Seston from kHYBrKiaZ says:
I told my grandmother how you hleped. She said, “bake them a cake!”

This complaint can also be found on:
Seston from kHYBrKiaZ says:
I told my grandmother how you hleped. She said, “bake them a cake!”

This complaint can also be found on:
Alice from West Columbia SC says:

My company did not renew their Yellow Page ad with AT&T for 2010.  We informed the rep that we would not need to meet as we were not renewing the contract.  I was told by AT&T that I must submit  a written cancellation notice 2 YEARS in advance of cancelling.  I was sent a bill for $10,000 and constantly called first by AT&T and then by their collection agency (Focus).  I asked to see my last signed contract and a copy of the contract that states they need 2 year notification in order to cancel.  I received  a copy of the renewal - not signed by my company.  AT&T has now turned the deliquent account over to the "Law FIrm" of Robinson, Reagan & Young.  Michael Turner - of the law firm constantly calls and threatens legal fees and a court hearing if the payment is not made.  I would be interested if anyone else has experienced this harrassment from AT&T and encourage businesses NOT to fall victim to AT&T's schemes.

Naheed Choudhry from Los Angeles, CA says:

I agreed to pay for three months of advertising at $35 per month in a certain area of LA. My ad was not placed in the right area for the first few weeks. When I called to complain the advertiser gave me every excuse possible but no refunds of any kind even though it was there mistake. I emailed to cancel IN WRITING. I was told they never received the emails and I had proof but they said if I didn't pay up I would be charged late fees every month.

I was told that I could cancel after three months but when I left messages to unanswered phones to cancel I never got a response. I didn't make a dime from my ad but was charged for an additonal 1.5 months for an ad that does not do anything. The website does not generate business and is a money making scam.

This complaint can also be found on:
Discovery Marketing from Detroit says:

They didnt deliver what they promised

carole from Palm Coast says:

They took my money and did not give me the results they promised. They make you sign a contract saying it takes time, however they ignore you once you are signed up and make continual mistakes. They don't answer your phone calls in a timely way.

When I told them I was not going to pay for mistakes they made on my Google their fix was to escalate me to the platinum position assuring me this would help and insisted I sign for that. It did not help at all. I now have told them to discontinue my ad and that I was not going to pay them any more money!

Ignacio J. iturralde from Miami, Florida says:

The contract was altered after signing.  The sales rep, took a black majic marker and completely scribbled out the prices and wrote in new amounts and submitted.  The sales rep., Neifeld, never returned my calls and the Yellow pages would not honor my complaints of being over charged and threatened to have my business phone disconnected if I refused to pay. The internet advertisement had a cost of zero dollars and was said to be free because of the advertising I was doing.  The rep, crossed out the amount after the contract was signed and added $498.75 next to the scribble and then scribbled out the total and added that new amount of $760.75.  I was never given a refund and I no longer advertise with the yellow pages at all as a result of this illegal practice.

Craig from Joplin, MO says: rep flat out lies to me about the amount of business I'll be getting, but of course their guarantees are never in the recording the obligates you to pay for 6+ months of a 100% useless service. 

They require a 6-12 month contract on something that has absolutely no setup overhead; I already had a free site, and the only thing my monthly fee does is get one extra link on the right hand side of the page.

The contracts and the reps are all BS, and the absolutely will not let you out, driving you into bankruptcy to fill their profit margins.

Kelly Grill Enter Stage Left Theater from Hopkinton, MA 01748 says:

I was phoned by Yellow Pages asking if I was the decision maker on the account and asking if they could send me information on advertising on line with them.  I agreed to have the information sent and that I was the decsion maker with the power to pay and invoice but several times during the recorded phone conversation I asked if I would be billed for this service and they said no.   I never received any informtion on the service but 2 weeks later received a bill faxed to me for over $400.   I then proceeded to get several threatening phone calls to pay the bill.  When I told the collection agent that I never authorized it they played back the recorded phone conversation minus my verifying that I would not be billed.  I am now told that the matter was sent to small claims court and I will be ordered to pay.   

Melbourne Geek from Melbourne, Australia says:

 Yellow Pages Australia are scamming Australian businesses. They promise priority ranking on Google and they they have a partnership with Google to do so.

In fact, they have an AD WORDS partnership, which has nothing to do with organic search.

This complaint can also be found on:
Patrick from Cherry, IL says:

I had received a fax to update my information for the internet yellow pages. At the time I received the information, I was rushing between multiple things and signed the bottom of update sheet. Unfortunately, I didn't read the fine print as I usually do. After three months I received a bill and couldn't believe the cost to my church. So I have tried to cancel but they say I have signed up for whole year for $1,188.00. And this is what they expect to be paid. I haven't paid anything and don't plan too!

Thanks for any help! If I have to pay for the three months since my signature date, I can do that but if I want to cancel, I feel I should have the right to cancel.

Jimmy from Sevierville, TN says:

When I moved to Tennessee from Indiana I was faced with starting over. I had established a DJ business with over 20 years of customer service without any complaints. I sold my business in Indiana which included all equipment. When AT&T contacted me I had not yet built a new system or web site or even had a logo. I wanted to advertise, but I was not ready yet. After first agreeing to advertise with them during one call, I was waiting for them to call me back to get things set up. While I was waiting, my wife and I decided we would not be ready for a few months. When the rep called me back I told him to put advertising on hold and call me back in a few months and I may be ready. He said ok and even approved it supposedly with a supervisor.

The next few days I contacted a few other DJ's on and they all told me not to get involved with AT&T. I was relieved that I had dodged a bullett by not getting involved with them.

I was wrong! They waited three months then started the advertising anyway. I did not learn this until i received a call from someone looking for a nightclub which I am not a nightclub. This first call came about a month after thier listing. I called AT&T and they said they would look into it and call me back.

I did not hear from them for three more months (partly because I moved even though my ph#'s never changed). Thats when the collection calls and letters started. I have talked to them several times to explain that I had cancelled the ad before I finished setting it up. They kept telling me they would look into it and call me back. I had to start this several times because every time they would call me back it would be a different rep that had no idea what was going on.

Well they called me this morning and said that they could find no reason to credit my account and that I owe them over a thousand dollars plus future charges for advertising that I have received two calls over six months of their advertising with no bookings generated by them.

Now my business is doing better because of Craigslist advertising and word of mouth.

I finally get things off the ground and I have these people threatening to go after me for the money and destroy my credit. I don't have enough money to give away thousands of dollars with no money generated by their ad that I had cancelled.

This has to be stopped. I have not received one piece of literature from them, let alone any copies of their contract or details about what I am paying for, but they have my address to send collection letters.

No matter how big and powerful your company is no company has a right to steal from you and then use that money to hire lawyers so they don't have to give it back.



Constance M Davis from Lucedale Mississippi says:

I recently had an at&t yellow pages representive contact me, to advertise my web-site on  YP.COM. he told me what the monthly charges would be, and at first i was skeptical, because I already had been having problems with at&t for overcharging me for services i did not have on my phone bill. I even explained this to the reprsentive, and he isisted that i was not obligated, and that i could cancel the services at anytime. So i agreed to have my ad placed on Y.P.COM,but  i starting having these fees on my phone bill again, from at&t phone company overcharging me, so i  called to cancel my services for the ad, and spoke to the same Rep.and he told me that i could not cancel and that i would have to pay over $2000.00 up front to have my sevices canceled,and what i do not understand is i even called before my ad went live. This is really upsetting to me that these companys' like this can scam people and get by with it.  Thank You Constance Davis

Constance M Davis from Lucedale says:

I recently had an at&t yellow pages representive contact me, to advertise my web-site on  YP.COM. he told me what the monthly charges would be, and at first i was skeptical, because I already had been having problems with at&t for overcharging me for services i did not have on my phone bill. I even explained this to the reprsentive, and he isisted that i was not obligated, and that i could cancel the services at anytime. So i agreed to have my ad placed on Y.P.COM,but  i starting having these fees on my phone bill again, from at&t phone company overcharging me, so i  called to cancel my services for the ad, and spoke to the same Rep.and he told me that i could not cancel and that i would have to pay over $2000.00 up front to have my sevices canceled,and what i do not understand is i even called before my ad went live. This is really upsetting to me that these companys' like this can scam people and get by with it.  Thank You Constance Davis

Chris from USA says:

I took over managing a small business in Spring of 2009.  Shortly after I began receiving phone calls from asking if I would like to renew our ad with them for an additional year.  Unaware of the scam, I informed them as long as there was no difference in the contract from the previous year that we would renew our ad.  They quickly patched me through to someone to finalize the agreement.  I again repeated the statement "as long as there have been no changes to the previous years contract."


This time I was informed that there were no changes EXCEPT last year had been a free trial year and I would now be billed a substantial sum for the following year.  At this point I informed that sales rep that I would by no means be renewing anything and they needed to remove me from their call list.  The calls, however, continued and I quickly informed my secretary to hangup immediately when they call.


Fast forward two years (June 2011), my secretary comes in and informs me that their is a woman on the phone from wanting to discuss our unpaid bill.  Annoyed, I let her patch the call through.


The woman on the other end introduces herself and inquires as to whether or not I would like to renew our account.  I inform her we do not have an account and she insists that in 2009 we signed up for a 2 years with the first year free deal.  My bill for 2010 being $$599!!!


I ask who exactly set up this plan and she asks well do you know "INSERT NAME OF FORMER MANAGER.?"  I inform her that he has not been with the company since 2009 and she quickly cuts me off saying.

"Well yes sir!  MR. ..... set up this account with us in July of 2009 and your bill is...."


This time I cut her off and informed her that the individual in question had been fired in May of 2009 and that I have been informing that I have no interest in the service since June of that year.


Without a word, she hung up abruptly and I have not heard back from since.



Tom Nicewander from Madison WI says:

They are illegitimately billing me for a service I canceled.  They call incessantly.......  Here is a quick synapse of my situation..
I had been and advertiser in the book for several years 4-5.  This past fall they called, as they have done every year, to try and upsell my current listings.  I told the salesperson that I was not going to advertise with them this year and to remove me from the book.  After going around and around as to why he finally agreed to cancel my posting.  I good faith I thought that would resolve the issue.....  I was dead wrong.  This spring I received a bill for the posting.  I quickly called to find out why, at which time they informed me that I can not cancel thru a sales person. (even though that is not what my sales person told me)  I have to send in a certified letter to cancel the service!  My sales man lied to me when he said he would cancel the posting.
I HATE AT&T  !!!!

Tom Nicewander from Madison WI says:

They are illegitimately billing me for a service I canceled.  They call incessantly.......  Here is a quick synapse of my situation..
I had been and advertiser in the book for several years 4-5.  This past fall they called, as they have done every year, to try and upsell my current listings.  I told the salesperson that I was not going to advertise with them this year and to remove me from the book.  After going around and around as to why he finally agreed to cancel my posting.  I good faith I thought that would resolve the issue.....  I was dead wrong.  This spring I received a bill for the posting.  I quickly called to find out why, at which time they informed me that I can not cancel thru a sales person. (even though that is not what my sales person told me)  I have to send in a certified letter to cancel the service!  My sales man lied to me when he said he would cancel the posting.
I HATE AT&T  !!!!

PJ from Oklahoma City, OK says:

I am a small (1-person) business who placed a 'free' ad on the site. Later I was contacted by a person representing themselves as being with ATT Advertising Solutions who I understood to be my ATT internet and phone service. After being polite and listening to all of the different offers and ending up almost arguing with him (and his supervisor) for over an hour and 45 minutes that I was too small to need any further advertising, I agreed to a 1-month free trial that I was told I could cancel before the end of the month without any charge (for the most part just to get them off the phone). I never gave them any payment information as the arrangement was for only a 1-month trial... thank God! Since I'd never received anything in writing nor had I noticed any change in my business, I called within about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks to cancel. I was rudely told that there was no such trial and that now I 'would pay for a 1-yr subscription' or I 'would be turned over to a collection agency and my credit would be ruined'. This person also offered to play back a recorded clip of what she called 'my agreement.' All I agreed to was to a month's free trial, of which I was to recieve written documentation ... that never came. I called my local AT&T company to complain about the situation as well as the way I was spoken to and was told that AT&T internet and phone service has nothing to do with I've received monthly bills and numerous calls with messages about an overdue account for the last 3 months even though I've done everything I was told to do to 'cancel with no charge.' I continue to be harassed by these people... it's become a nightmare! Picking on small-businesses who can't afford attorney fees to protect themselves from predatory practices by unethical businesses is probably what they count on. These people have been caught in their 'dirty business practices' many times before from the reading I've been doing and continue to shift slightly, alter their name, and reinvent themselves through yet another type of scam. From other victims I've found on the internet, suggestions of contacting your BBB, your Attorney General, and the Federal Trade Commission have been a few offers. A company that offers a legitimate product to a person or business who wants their product has no need to be tricky or deceiving, and having the terms of any agreement laid out in writing is a standard for any honest company.

Craig Konigsberg from Valencia, ca says:

Was put in the wrong section of the Yellow Pages, and of course did not receive any calls because of there mistake.

alvin haas from MI says:

I've had a AT&T yellowpages add online for about 2 years, I payed $35 a month for this and was never late.  In March of this year I received a sales call saying that they could expand my area and add some more key search words and my new bill would only be $42 a month, so I did a voice verification for this while I was talking to the sales lady.  At no point was I told that I would get billed extra pro-rated fees for this.  My first bill after I signed up was $66 and the next month it was $72.  I've talked to 5 people now and have spent over 1 1/2 hours telling them that they never disclosed this information to me(that I was going to get billed for some pro-rated fees)  I even had them play me back the recorded contract, and nothing was said on the contract about the extra fees.  I'm now stuck in a contract for the year at $42 a month.  I've never received a call from this add either.  Beware of this scam!  This is unfair!  If they had told me about the extra fees I would have never agreed to this and cancelled.  What as consumers can we do? 





Marsha Metzger from Belle Glade, FL says:

My husband is pastor of Belle Glade Alliance Church.  They have done as you have described and we are now required to mail an official letter (certified) to them as confirmation of cancellation when we told them two years ago not to renew.  Last year, they did it again and we said, not next year and here we are again.  Now, they FINALLY disclose that we are to submit in writing via certified mail, after the fact.... AT&T has met their match.

Patricia from Magnolia Springs says:

Purchased ad one year with AT&T advertising.  Paid for it and did not renew.  I talked to a rep but told him I was undecided.  Didn't fax the signed contract as he had asked me to but later tried to fax it with cancelled written all over it but found the fax number on the contract was no good.  When I started getting bills, I called and told them I had not reordered the ads.  I ended up paying them anyway... then they started charging me AGAIN.  I told them the same thing.  Until a few weeks ago, I never heard anything about an "auto renew" or having to send your cancellation letter to a specific address.  Now there is a collection agency calling me two or three times a day.  I AM NOT PAYING THIS.  Small businesses have it hard enough without large companies like this taking advantage and bullying people into paying bills they don't owe.

Patricia from Magnolia Springs says:

For over a year I have been trying to get AT&T YP off my back. I ran one year and then was contacted for the next year. I was undecided with the economy the way it was.  The rep told me to fax over the contract to a location in Birmingham, AL if I decided to continue.  After a couple of weeks i decided NOT to run any longer.  I tried to fax the contract with CANCEL on each page to the number on the top of the contract and it was a bad number. 

Since I did not send the contract in at all, I thought I'd be safe.  But no... they kept billing me and keep billing me.  I have told them over and over that I did not order another year.  NOW they are telling me (a year later) that it is an auto renew.  Well if it is an auto renew, why did the sales rep want me to fax over contract?  Also just NOW... a year later... they are telling me that I have to send a letter of cancellation to a specific address. 

I'm thinking that this is how they make most of their money by harassing small businesses until they give in and pay for something they never ordered.  Now they've got some attorney group harassing me.  Bet At&T owns them.  They probably have the legal system behind them because there is probably something about "auto renew" in teeny-tiny print on the contract we actually did sign and they never told us anything about it. 

Good job AT&T... it's like your making money on the small businesses of America through contract trickery. We who are struggling so hard to stay afloat in this economy.  We who are the backbone of America's economy and you are acting much like a vulture... just picking at our bones.  Shame on you.

heather from madison al says:

A representative of called me at the hotel I work at and called to verify my address.  Somehow I got signed up for a $240/month service and they refuse to drop it.

Kevin from Oakdale, New York says:
ATT Yellow pages uses deceptive cancellations policies. At the end of each contract year they send a representative to re-sign for you for another year. This year we decided that the service was not producing any results and decided to cancel when the contract was completed. I spoke with the representative and told him of our intentions and that we would not be renewing and he said he would take care of it. The next month they billed my credit card anyway. I called again and spoke to a representative who said they would now need it in writing to cancel so I sent them a faxed cancelation letter.  Sure enough they billed my credit card again the following month. At which time I resent the paper work and had my credit card company charge back the unauthorized charges. Now they have hired a collection agency to hound us for the money that we do not owe because their incompetence in terminating the contract. In the small print they claim you must provide a written cancellation letter however the burden of proof is yours that they actually received and processed it. I not would recommend anyone doing business with this company and would gladly join any effort to initiate a class action lawsuit. PS:  I had t their gold service plan with the video and the voice message for three years and it was a total waste of money and I highly do not recommend this service.
Radion Muratov from Toledo Ohio says:

Toledo locksmith.

This complaint can also be found on:
Jennifer Taylor from Macon, Ga. says:

Our relationship with yellowpages started with them calling and asking us 4 years ago if we would like some information on a website.  We were shopping at the time and so my husband said yes we would take a packet in the mail.  The next thing we knew we were getting a bill for $2200 for a website we didn't authorize. 

When we went to finally get an ad in the yellowpages they made us pay this outstanding debt which we did not ask for to even get into the book. 

From there we have had difficulties with guaranteed ads that they don't want to refund money for and we are talking at least $20k worth of them.  Our lawyer has been requesting our documents for 2 months and doesn't know what to do any more, because they won't give them to him.  Now they are saying that we can't be in next year's book, because of the unresolved conflict.  Like we care, but How can they get away with acting like this!

Tim from tigard oregon says:

False representation about the number of calls that will be generated, then our sales rep vanished; we could not get anyone to return our calls or e-mails. The information on our yellow page was incorrect and the key words we agreed on for the web page were not correct. We asked for roofing, roofing leak and emergency repair. The only keyword was "roofing", then they added words like industrial cleaning, bath design etc. that did not pertian to our business services. We canceled the credit card that was used for billing and the day tyhat they tried to bill us and could not guess what "they finally called us", the collection department that is, not our sales rep-go figure.

Bob from Billerica, MA says:

I am a former employee, and the person you should contact regarding any issues is the man who denies your credits, and makes the sales people say things that are unethical because they constantly hit us with threats about our families living in poverty when we lose our jobs, is Mike Merchant.


Mike Merchant Director of Sales

203-874-3454  -  Call after 6pm I am sure he will appreciate it 



Danny Underwood from Ocala, Florida says:

Right from the beginning, this company has DECIEVED me!  The sales rep placed our ad in the wrong city, and then tried to blame it on customer care. I talked to the Orlando regional manager who promised she would resolve the issue,so I thought it was taken care of but.........

After 30+ visits to their web site, 10+ phone calls to sales and customer care and numerous emails my ad was still in the wrong town! Then after two months of this run around their Collections Department started calling, wanting to know when I was going to PAY MY BILL!!!!!        

4 MONTHS ad showed in the right town!  Collections were still calling, Customer care said I needed to talk with the Orlando manager to recieve credit to my account for the 4 months of ad mislocation, but she would not return my call. even though Customer Care supposedly contacted her to do so. outside Collection Agency is calling me to collect on this bill and meanwhile, even though I told them to cancel my ad, it's still running. 

I have wasted SO MUCH TIME with this company, and after all this aggravation, we have had 4 responses to this ad, 2 of which never panned out, and 2 of them WERE IN THE WRONG TOWN!!!!!! 


Ryan Gordon from CORRYTON tn says:

  I've been lied to on several occasions...but seriously this evening....i look on for my ad (that i wash i hadn't purchased) to find out that my free ad which was on the first search page 2 days ago is now on page 11.  Also many customers have left reviews for my company....all of them gone!!!!  This company will burn in hell!!!

Dave from Nashua, NH says:

 I cannot tell you how much sucks.  They sold me on Google listing enhancements.  I had two sites, one was connected with AT&T the other was not.  I did some SEO on my own that was free.  Every time a search was done, the site that was not connected with AT&T had a higher ranking on the results.  WTF?  They are so full of shit.  

I'm locked in for 12 months at $1,100 per month and I cannot get out of it until the end of the contract.  Stupid Me.  I wish I never signed up.  

I've tried dealing with the rep, but he won't help me.  I don't even know if he's still there.  Place sucks, service sucks, product sucks.  They only thing that was good was the sales rep who convinced me to go with their program.  I don't think he knew how much this would suck.

AT&T, Yellow Pages, ever you call yourself.  YOU SUCK!!

Ilie Pintilei from Silver Spring, MD says:

1. Yellow pages failed to update our information-

-Sent bills to the wrong address; even this collection e-mail lists the wrong address

-Listed the wrong address on our website

-Had  wrong city on the browser bar for several months and was told it was no big deal.

-Failed to update pictures and information on web page (e-mail dated 2/26)

-Got repeated calls asking for “Eli’s Landscaping” from Yellow pages associates

2. Yellow Pages charged the wrong card without authorization, the card does not even belong to anyone in the company

They admitted the charge was their mistake but no action was ever taken we had to file a claim—wasting our time and energy!

Yellow Pages does not deliver any results

3. We received 3 calls total that had the Yellow pages lead tag line between the start of the contract and June. Two were wrong numbers: trying to reach Glass Dr., 620-593-4745 claimed not to have called,  5/5/2010 301-604-4501 trying to reach Orsman Chevrolet, finally 1 actual call 5/7/2010 410-985-1234. We received no calls in June. In July we received 7 calls but all were wrong numbers except for one.

4. Only 4 web requests in 4 months! 5/3, 4/2, 3/5, and 2/16. Hardly the results we are looking for and fewer leads than we receive from other companies, at a far lower price.

Sergey from Chatsworth, California says:

Weve had none stop problems with thwm. The only thing we have ever signed for was for an onkline advertising add on wich they havent updated to our new address after almost 2 months now. The online ad was for the los angeles metro area for roughly $440.00/month. We just got in our bill which split up our advertising into three areas and now comes tototal of over $1500.00.


We also signed up for their click advertising program for yahoo. THIS IS THE WORST MONEY EVER SPENT. They used none of the keywords we submitted and worst of all, they are putting our ads on GOOGLE. NOT on yahoo. After we found this out we are now cancelling any advertisments we have with them. and will be suing them for our money back.


The agent and his manager have also not returned any of our phone calls. worst costomer service EVER!!!

Kay from Athens Ga says:

I am getting daily calls from a lawyer from AT&T yellow pages.  Without any contact, without a contract, without a proof, my business was put in the yellow pages and I was billed.  They say I agreed to automatic renewal.  But I DID NOT!

sal from burlington,ma. 01803 says:

they out and out riped me off for some $12,000  stupid me

Edward Canfield from Bronx N.Y says:

 Bill Fitzgerald claimed that he was getting hundreds of clicks and huge amounts of traffic in my category, I told him I would give it a try and signed up to see what it was all about, I did not agree to a 12 month contract that they now claim to have. I received 0 new clients and 0 calls or emails from their campaign; I knew it was a scam in the first 30 days. It just didn’t seem right, too good to be true. When I called to stop the “marketing program” shortly after they informed me that I was locked in for 12 months! What a scam!

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creative looks from Erath LA says:

they called to see if i wanted to relist.  i told them NO cancel all servies, they billed me anyway back for 06 and 07.  They keep sending me bills.

Simon from Los Angeles says:



FUCK AT&T!!!!!!!!!!  They kept over charging me and claiming that I had 270 searches sent to me when I barely had 20 searches sent to me. It was a nightmare to get them to stop billing me. The world should know that AT&T is a fucking scam and they should go down!

Steve from Atlanta says:



I fucking hate AT&T for making me cancel my credit card and having to deal with giving my new card number to over 40 vendors. AT& wouldnt stop charging my card. I kept calling them to cancel and they wouldnt cancel! Instead I would get billed for clicks that never would never convert into sales! What the fuck?????? is a fucking joke

Richard Styles from Chicago says:

AT&T YellowPages is a complete SCAM! They over billed my credit card and i had to cancel my credit card just to have them stop billing me. Once I did that, they sent me to collections!  To top it off, they claim they sent me 400 unique visitors to my website. During that time i had google analytics running and i barely had 100, people visit the site, 87 to be exact. AT&T lied about the traffic they sent, essentially CLICK FRAUD!


I hate them and i hope they go down.

Robert D. Miller from Atlanta, Georgia says:
I am interested in getting together a group - or in joining a group - interested in pursuing a class action lawsuit against AT&T / BAPCO / CWA LOCAL ____ for unlawful / wrongful termination of employment. I was an employee of this company for 15 years and my job came screeching to a halt in early March of 2009. Please read my earlier post for further information. I may be contacted at 678-372-0000.  Posted by romulus1129 at 11:16 PM 1 comments    Wednesday, March 11, 2009 Sometime on or before November 7th I got an official AT&T email regarding SIPP / ESIPP offers. The letter referred to an electronic file, folder or document I had accessed on or after November 7th regarding SIPP / ESIPP offers / packages. I think SIPP is an acronym for Supplemental Income Protection Plan; however, AT&T uses it as an “early retirement incentive’ type of plan for high seniority any level employee. The aforementioned electronic file, folder or document had been sent to me, unsolicited, via company email. Something piqued my interest, as I had been considering a leave of absence to attend school full-time for the fulltime residence segment of a PhD program. I opened the document and, in the process of examining the document in detail for crucial information, clicked “interested” on a question & answer “radio” button. My clicking “interested” I inadvertently set forth a process in motion, unbeknownst to me.

The process, unbeknownst to me, put my job security in jeopardy without my realizing. A few days later, while discussing the email with coworkers, I wondered if I had made a mistake by clicking “interested.” I tried to re-examine the document but was unable to access the file or page in question for some reason. I next began to examine paperwork (given to me by another fellow employee) connected to the original email; however, the paperwork led me to believe that I had until December 31st to go back in and re-examine the electronic document and click “not interested.” I set aside my concern in the contents of the letter that day because thought, at the time, that I had some time to think about it.

On Wednesday December 17th at 5:18 PM I received a letter from AT&T secretary Donna King (on behalf of managers Angelia Sweat and Kim Coan) informed me that my SIPP acceptance had been granted. The letter mentioned a specific date, “off payroll” (March 5th, 2009) and asked me to reply to the letter choosing an option (lump sump or 48 months of payments) regarding a certain SIPP payment. The letter stated that I needed to reply to them that day (TODAY). I was confused and unclear about the meaning of the letter and responded with a simple, brief, but vague response / answer – “48 months.”

When I returned to work the next morning I, in a state of concern, decided to discuss the matter further with a union representative. I immediately voiced my concern regarding the email with Suzanne Lang-Carter, a Union representative, and was advised to formally state that I would like to decline / retract my expression of interest / acceptance. Ms. Lang-Carter, a Union representative, asked me right up front if I had signed anything. I stated that I had not; I further explained that all I had done - or thought I had done - was merely express an interest in SIPP/ESIPP and would welcome the opportunity to explore the terms / details further. Suzanne wrote an email to Union Boss, Karen Carr, stating that I had been offered a SIPP package, that I had not signed the final paperwork, and that I declined the offer. Suzanne asked Karen to provide advice regarding further action or follow-up. Susanne forwarded a copy of the email to manager Kim Coan.

Kim Coan, in an email to Suzanee Lang-Carter (a copy of the email was forwarded to me [by Ms. Coan]) stated that there was no paperwork for me to sign. She went on to further explain that I had “locked in” in an “online submission.” Ms. Coan stated that, “The only way (he/I) can not be held to their “Acceptance” is if (I) go back into the system and unlock or if (I) submitted under the time, or window of time after, from the time the initial email went out notifying of additional SIPP/ESIPP offers. At that point (I) would have needed to send another email back during that window to cancel the acceptance.” The letter went on further to explain that I had been matched up with a surplus employee and (I) would not be able to rescind (my) acceptance at that point.

I next sent an email to Ms. Coan stating that according to my paperwork entitled, Information on First-quarter SIPP Offers I have until December 31st to cancel / rescind my SIPP request. I further stated that this email should serve as my request to cancel; however, in the event that does not suffice, I stated that I would like to be shown the link to the web page that I needed to access in order to officially cancel my SIPP request. The reply to this letter by Ms. Coan was brief and merely stated that she had spoken with Karen Carr and that Ms. Carter-Land would call me. Ms. Lang-Carter advised me to begin looking for other employment; however, she stated that I should also submit a letter of grievance to the union hall so that someone else may examine my case to determine further action.

On Monday, December 22nd at 3:58 PM, I wrote an email to Ms. Coan stating that I had tried to go in several times during the ten day window to re-examine the SIPP information but was unable to do so for some reason. I referred back to the paperwork that came with the initial email and it clearly stated that I had until December 31st to make a final decision on whether or not I was interest in SIPP. I did not get an answer back from Ms. Coan.

I interpreted the paperwork in my possession and the inability to access the web page regarding SIPP as an indication that some sort of maintenance / update was being performed to the system / database during the crucial time window in question and that I was being given an extension of time with which to go back into the system and unlock / cancel my existing expression of interest. Ms.Coan wrote a reply to my email later that day stating that she had spoken with Karen Carr; that I may follow up with Ms. Carr; and that there was not a way to decline at that time. I replied to that email stating that I intended to decline SIPP at some point before or after the critical date of December 31. Immediately after replying to Ms. Coan’s email, I faxed a grievance letter to the Union office stating my case and asking for assistance in declining the SIPP/ESIPP “exit package.”

On 12-30-2009, I received a response to the Union office, stating that my grievance will be handled in a timely matter in accordance to the working agreement. The letter stated that I would be receiving further instructions from the Union and that if I have not heard from a union representative by January 9th 2009 that I should contact Karen Carr. I did not hear from the union on the aforementioned date of 1-9-09; however, my manager informed me sometime during the week of January 5th or 9th that the company position on my case is that I would be leaving the company effective March 4th. On February 20th, 2009, I received word from Karen Carr regarding their position. She stated that we would need to met at the Union Hall on Thursday, February 26th regarding my case and that, as of that day, pertinent documents the company had related to my case were missing.

I did some research and determined that is a clear-cut case of unfair Digital Access. AT&T Associate Process Owner, Angelia Sweatt, and SIPP / ESIPP Coordinator Kim Coan implemented plans to reduce payroll by ramping up their SIPP / ESIPP package offers to Publishing Artists and Clerical personnel in their unit. They requested (demanded) that all artists and art clerks complete SIPP / ESIPP offer / request forms online.

My research suggested that making the forms only accessible / online is a clear-cut case of bad policy. Ms. Sweatt and Ms. Coan had, sometime before November 7th, sent the new policy mandates to all Art Managers and Clerical Managers, notifying them that paper format SIPP / ESIPP offer / request submissions requiring employee agreement / acknowledgement signatures will no longer be acceptable. They explained that paper submissions will not be accepted because the new and improved / required forms must be submitted electronically and had to be accessed and filled out on the company’s ESIPP / SIPP package dedicated intranet site. They made it sound like it was not an optional request, but more of a command. I was not seeking a SIPP / ESIPP package at that time. The letter came to me unsolicited. A number of artists and clerks complained because they did not have proper or reliable access to the pertinent information pages or the relevant (binding) forms in the place they are purportedly located in order to review key information or to make key changes. This happens often at AT&T with mandatory rules coverage online documents and online training documents.

The clear cut case of good policy (versus the aforementioned bad policy) in this situation would have been as follows: Ms. Sweatt and Ms. Coan discuss new policies requiring employees to complete SIPP / ESIPP offer / request forms on-line. They conduct a formal or informal survey, via all unit managers, to determine how many employees will handle SIPP / ESIPP offers. Employees must have all the proper access / permissions to access all pertinent documents, files and folders on the corporate intranet site. Employees must also have all the pertinent financial information unique to each employee readily available to them so as to see the benefit / drawbacks of committing to a SIPP package.

When viewing the results, it is clear that employees in certain work groups have restricted or limited permissions / access compared to employees in other work groups who have unlimited access and fully granted permissions to access all files and folders containing SIPP / ESIPP offers, requests and other pertinent information. Ms. Sweatt and Ms. Coan conclude that making forms available for those who have electronic access is a positive step in forward progress and making a paper-free / green workplace; however, keeping forms available in both paper and electronic formats would offset potential issues relating to unfair access or disparity of treatment in the workplace with respect to equal access to information among all employees. The managers devise ways to better make electronic information easily accessible and readily available to all employees without jeopardizing fairness and equal / equitable treatment.

Additional efforts: When using technology, managers should think about all various employee knowledge, judgment, skills and concerns with respect to managing, navigating, and accessing certain key documents, files and folders. Some work groups appear to have a large population of knowledgeable and technology savvy employees whereas others do not. Upper-level managers should not forget to consult work group managers, systems administrators and union stewards about access to key forms before requiring that something be done exclusively online or electronically.

On Thursday, February 26th, at 5:00pm, I met with Karen Carr (and unbeknownst to me) Suzanne Lang Carter at the CWA Union Hall on Logan Street. Karen Carr did not have the crucial documents (or any copies of any documents to give me) solidifying the company’s case against my appeal. According to the Union, the company’s case hinged on three points: 1) The blurb containing the words “irrevocable interest” from one page of a document 2) My confusing the “quarter” SIPP/ESIPP offers went out versus the “quarter” SIPP/ESIPP offers were accepted by employees / accepted by me 3)I did not submit my offer to cancel within the number of days time window of opportunity. Ms Carr would not or could not state or otherwise specify whether or not (or otherwise define) my window as being ten days, fifteen days or thirty days.

I stated that I felt the company or the Union should have come to me laying out all the particulars with respect to the terms of my departure. I stated that I did not get the terms until it was (allegedly) too late too back out. I had to be the one to seek out all the information, in what I can only describe as a frustrating, depressing, time-consuming investigation, as neither the company nor the Union were willing to spell out the terms of the departure; both parties seemed content to leave me in the dark regarding crucial details. I further learned that the Union negotiated “ex parte” on my behalf with the company regarding my case.

I left the meeting feeling cheated because the Union never did not prove or dispute my case and did not show me any crucial pages solidifying the company’s claim. My job of almost fifteen years had come to a close.

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Jeanne from Los Angeles, CA says:

I HATE it when I am browsing a site and your ad comes on and I am FORCED to listen to it because there is no way to turn it off. I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!! I am generally listening to something I want to hear, and then here comes your ad screwing it all up! So, in effect, you are basically paying a lot of money JUST TO PISS PEOPLE OFF!

Ricky from Santa Monica says:


Online scam!
I was promised by the salesman for 400 clicks per month or i wouldn't have to pay in the first month i had 50 hits, (they say) but yet the still billed my account. my add has also never been correct. When i told them i wanted to cancel they threatened to "come aft... Does Click Fraud from Click Fraud says:

Hey Guys,

I am a sole proprietor of a computer repair & home theater installation company. I was recently contact by an account manager from AT&T who proposed top placement in my geographic area for local results under the respective categories & top sponsored link placement for 86% of major search engines.

I signed up for a 12 month contract billable @ about $350 every month. They promised 30 clicks a month. I use to track every page & form of activity on my website. Late last week I received a report from Yellowpages indicating that within the last 5 weeks my website had received 41 clicks from search engines!!!

Statcounter reported a few clicks from google and hardly anything from Yahoo which they claim 16 people came from.

I immediately contacted the Account Manager and he simply advised me that "AT&T is a fortune 7 company and would not lie about fictitious clicks to your website".

I see every bit of activity on my site day in & day out and I have ZERO evidence of what AT&T is claiming. I requested a very detailed report showing IP addresses & other info. about when & where the clicks came from.

I don't know if AT&T uses some specialized coding or software that would block visibility & tracking features from other website trackers. Do you guys have any input on this? I'm really contemplating on figuring out a way to get out of the 12 month contract.


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Sammy from Phoenix says: who is also known as YP or AT&T Interactive is better known as an online yellow pages business directory – for business owners it’s a service that’s filled with open ended promises that will quickly drain your advertising budget or even your completely sabotage your business from very little ineffective results.

As a Digital Advertising & Media buyer I will no longer recommend to any of our advertisers or any small businesses – period. Their crafty sales tactics combined with a long term contract are the exact tools that rely on to lock into your cash while delivering less than desirable results – you can take that to the bank.


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Chuck from Reno says:






We have recently had a horrible experience with an online advertiser ( and felt that it was important enough to warrant posting on our homepage so that others may avoid the same scam.

We got a call from back in November '06 asking us if we would like to boost traffic to our website. The representative claimed that their online advertising would “guarantee” 90+ clicks a month to our site from real people looking for our services. Having heard about many scams in the past, we asked the important questions, like would automated search programs trigger hits and what happens if they don't meet their guaranteed click numbers. They told us they would increase the advertising until the goals were met. This seemed like an obvious choice, the $289/ month would be easily paid for if even 5% of the 90+ clicks resulted in new service.

Now move ahead to when the advertising “campaign” launches. The first month we received 5 clicks from their ads. The second month we received 9 clicks, with no change to the level of advertising. At this point we call only to find out that our representative no longer works there and our account has been transferred. The new representative denies any of the claims of the previous rep and suggests that we read the terms and conditions of our contract. Since we had not been given this already, we requested a copy in writing. Upon receiving and reading the contract it clearly states “ We or our vendor will continue to fulfill your Advertising Product for the contracted number of clicks… If the applicable number of Actions has not been delivered…we will continue to fulfill your Advertising Product at no additional charge until the applicable number of Actions has been delivered or your budget has been exhausted. Although we will invoice you in twelve installments for the contract amount, we do not guarantee that the Actions will be fulfilled within that timeframe or otherwise during the term of this Agreement.” This means they will continue the ad campaign until 90 clicks multiplied by 12 months (1080 clicks) have been met, even if it takes 10 years! (1080/9 clicks per month) In addition to this, it also states “We do not guarantee that any clicks (1) will be from potential customers for you and/or (2) will be of any benefit or value to you. You acknowledge that the clicks may be: … the result of spiders, robots and other automated or mechanical means.”

So, all of the claims turned out to be false, with no recourse because our “rep” was fired, and no way to cancel the contract. We are out to the tune of $3,468, with almost no business coming from the advertising, and no one willing to hear our complaints.

The moral of the story is: 1. Don't sign anything without your attorney's approval. 2. Don't EVER do business with!



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I want to share my experience with other merchants, in hopes that I can save them the time and money they would lose by using I registered on for a free listing. A couple days later I recieved a call from a sales person (Marisa) from She told how a free listing wouldn't get picked up by the search engines and that I needed a FEATURED AD with With a Featured Ad, I would get TOP listing and a link to my website. And the The sales person( Marisa) made it sound like was going to give me the world.  If makes it sound too good to be true. It's because it is. I recieved an email stating my FEATURED AD was up and running. I was excited. I went to to look at it. They said it was up, but I couldn't find it. Everytime I searched for Glass Repair It didn't come up. I kept searching under Glass Repair and finally looked under the catogory "other" by george there It was under "other" My sales person ( Marisa) assured me it would be taken care of by the tech's. It never got fixed. After calling several times to have this mistake taken care of and have me listed under Glass Repair. . I sent the sales person Marisa an email saying I wanted to cancel since I was getting no benefit from this FEATURED AD. I recieved a call from the District Sale Manager (Donavan R) He promised to have my ad recatagorized. 6 months later It still has not been fixed . The sales Manager (Donavan R) will not return my messages. and continues to charge my Credit Card on a monthly basis. The ad is worthless. sales people lie, mislead, and omit information just to make a sale. Once you agree to the ad you are locked in for 12 months. If you don't like the ad, or there is a problem with the ad it's too bad and too late. Unlike print ads, could remove the ad when ever they wanted to. The next time comes calling,  BEWARE!!!!   

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Frank56 from Florida says:



I signed up for a ad with a 12 month agreement totaling $7800. I am now more than two months in to it and my ad is incorrect. Local salespeople will not call me back and AT&T's 800 number listed on the bill connects you to a voice mail box that is always full. They have created an ad for me that does not accurately represent the products I wish to market and never gave me an opportunity to proof read it or select the content that should be displayed. The first 45 days the ad was live it was not displayed in all of the geographical areas I had selected and paid for. I was promised a credit, which has not come yet and no response from sales people or customer service. My profile on actually contains a link that goes to a competitors website. Without communication from them, I am unable to get this resolved. In addition, my local sales rep quoted me call counts in excess of 30 per month which is just completely made up as I have not attributed any calls to this service. I may stop paying for the service but from what I am reading, it seems like AT&T will sue you.


This complaint can also be found on:
Mark from Better Business Bureau says:


The Better Business Bureau is warning Minnesota companies of a billing scam. Spokesman Dan Hendrickson says it involves what appears to be an invoice from the Yellow Pages or Yellow Pages Online.  He says in some cases the billings have been issued for $500 or more.  Hendrickson says scammers have used the Yellow Pages name and logo illegally for years.  Businesses that receive a suspicious bill are urged to file a complaint with the BBB.


This complaint can also be found on:
Sean from Internet Ads says:


YP formally is your traditional web directory – for business owners it’s something entirely different. It’s a service that has a fantastic sales pitch that is in most cases filled with nothing more than a lot of open ended promises.

As a Digital Advertising & Media buyer I cannot recommend – period. Their crafty sales tactics combined with a long term contracts are the exact tools that rely on to lock into your cash and drive less than desirable results – you can take that to the bank.

Here’s where it gets personal:

One of our clients were snickered into a stealthy contract that was based on a powerful sales presentation that to our client sounded well, too good to be true – and it was.

I decided to get involved. I emailed Deann Mayeda, the Press and Media Contact for AT&T Interactive asking for her help and delivering my clients message of dissatisfaction. My complaint seemed as it had very little importance and was quickly handed off to a local sales rep in Denver.

The sales rep/manager called me to discuss my clients dissatisfaction. He soon offered to dissolve the contract in best customer service interest. The problem is; the contract was never dissolved as agreed and was quickly forked over to a local collections team. I gave it one more shot. Here was my most recent email to Deann Mayeda – Deann never responded or even acknowledged my correspondence.
 from Los Angeles says:
Re: warning! I'm wary of anyone associated with "yellow pages" in their name. Do a search for "yellow pages scam" and you'll find tons of info ( There has been a long-running scam for billing, not just endless calls to upgrade.

The problem lies that the term neither "Yellow pages" nor the 'walking fingers' logo are trademarked, so any business can call you stating they are the Yellow Pages and trick business to enter into a contract for a listing. Some even record the conversation and edit it to sound like you are authorizing the billing.

Be careful out there.

Edit: Toyotaguy, I had the same thing here where they kept faxing me bills and calling trying to collect $499.95 for a listing I never authorized. They threatened court action if I didn't respond. When I asked for a number to call someone at their office they would give me an 800 number that didn't work. They had a "sales guy" call me and left a number to reach him back. Two days later that number was disconnected as well.

I eventually filed a report with the FTC and they stopped calling me.   
Labster from Ohio says:
 warning! I registered for a free account with them and since then have received 3 calls a day for the past day trying to upgrade my account. I kindly asked one of them to stop calling and he said ok and then proceeded to email me telling me I didn't know how to advertise my company etc. Fast forward to this morning and a girl calls and keeps rambling on and on all high pressure so I kindly cut her off and say I'm not interested and to please stop calling. She proceeds to try pressuring me into an upgraded package so I repeated that I wasn't interested and that I was fine with my free package, finally I just hung up on her. 5 minutes later I got another call! This time I just didn't pick up. ***! Now I can't log on to my account to delete it because my email address that they emailed me at isn't in their system! End Rant  


This complaint can also be found on:
Mike from San Diego says: – Small Business Owners Beware?!

I was doing a little research the other day checking out and some of their services.

Since the only way to get pricing information for a custom website was to call a sales rep I decided to do a little online searching. The results were very interesting…

I ended up on, and many others, viewing hundreds of complaints about deceptive sales practices, horrible customer service, hidden auto-renewal clauses, and non-performance of contract in regard to advertising results.

The complaints that really stuck out were the ones from former sales reps who talked about their deceptive sales tactics. They inflate the numbers and downplay the contract. In other words, anything goes to get you to sign on the dotted line. And why not? The sales reps get paid big bonus money for reaching sales goals.

Of course, the program can’t be all bad. If it was completely ineffective the service would be devoid of advertisers. To be fair, I found reports showing the quality of visitors from bigger online directories like (YPC) are much more engaged — they stick around your website longer.

But the real problem for most small business owners is not knowing the Return-On-Investment (ROI). With YPC you have to sign a long-term contract (12 months) without the benefit of testing performance. This has always been a thorn in the side for advertisers in the print Yellow Pages too. You have to pay no matter how well the ad does. Not doing well… too bad for you.

It looks like they’ve taken this same business model and transferred it to the online program. This makes no sense because unlike the print edition they can remove your ad anytime they want. And worse, their advertising isn’t performance based like Google where you only pay when a person clicks on an ad. You pay a flat rate no matter how many times your ad is shown. And if your click-through-rate (CTR) sucks, too bad.

Another glaring number is search traffic. YPC says they provide exposure to 125 million searches per month. This is peanuts compared to Google with a whopping 2.7 billion! And don’t forget, with Google you can look up keyword traffic numbers for yourself right online. Not so, with with online directories like — you have to depend on them to provide these numbers. This is where a slick salesperson can take advantage of you. They can manipulate numbers to show more impressions and higher CTR’s to get you salivating. Anything to get you signed up…

By now you probably get my position on all this. I wouldn’t sign any long-term contract without some performance guarantee. That’s just common sense. If they don’t agree to this in writing, or downplay the enforcement of the contract, forget it.

When it comes to online directories like YPC the best thing to do is grab a FREE listing and watch your traffic sources. If you’re getting traffic and it’s converting into sales then you may have something to work with. Look at the numbers and figure out what you can pay for the results. If they are charging too much, either negotiate a better deal or walk away. You have plenty of other advertising options online.

I always recommend my clients use Google Adwords to test and optimize their sales funnel before rolling out to other options. It’s cost-effective, accountable, and provides valuable marketing and SEO information. You can start and stop a campaign anytime you like, control your budget, and track everything with Google analytics. It’s not the pig in a poke offered by some of these online directories.


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MaineWifey from Maine says: scam vent

I'm so tired of these people calling my office 5 times a day, everyday for the past 3 weeks, trying to update my "free listing". 

They are so pushy.  They told me last time that since I wasn't interested that they were going to cancel the phone service at the office. 

Um, you don't work for the phone company and can't do that, but whatever. 

I get that the people calling may not understand that they are scamming people, and they really think they are trying to do me a service, but I'm about ready to file a complaint.  Next time maybe I will.  I'll have to look into how much time it takes. 

I called the phone company and put a block on anyone being able to charge services to the phone bill, and she said definitely not to trust them. 

Its so freaking annoying though. 



This complaint can also be found on:
Jimmy from Denver, Colorado says: who is also known as YP or AT&T Interactive is better known as an online yellow pages business directory – for business owners it’s a service that’s filled with open ended promises that will quickly drain your advertising budget or even your completely sabotage your business from very little ineffective results.

As a Digital Advertising & Media buyer I will no longer recommend to any of our advertisers or any small businesses – period. Their crafty sales tactics combined with a long term contract are the exact tools that rely on to lock into your cash while delivering less than desirable results – you can take that to the bank.

Lucky for our advertisers, our media buying services come with a full in-house legal counsel representation that is designed to act as a buffer from less than ethical businesses practices like that of

Here’s where it gets personal:

One of our clients were snickered into a stealthy contract that was based on exceptional results expectations that were almost too good to be true; and they were.

I got involved by sending Deann Mayeda, the Press and Media Contact for AT&T Interactive briefly telling her about my client’s dissatisfaction.


This complaint can also be found on:
Scott Hayden from Colorado says: is an internet advertising portal that alleges to increase the clients internet exposure to searchers looking for the product or service that you provide in a given geographic area. The business practices of are questionable at best and are possibly criminal. Their actual exposure is limited. Their advertising graphics are amateur. Their results are insignificant to non-existent. All in all, this is a boiler-room operation that uses high-pressure sales tactics promising unrealistic returns, tying clients to heavy-handed contracts followed by harassing phone calls and collection procedures. The fact that our ineffectual local, state, and federal regulators have ignored this type of immoral operation to continue, should not deter the scammed business owner from fighting these criminals.

Hayden, Colorado


This complaint can also be found on:
STOP AT&T YellowPages from Texas says:
It is truly disappointing to read of the huge volume of consumer complaints of dissatisfaction and abuse regarding AT&T (Google: complaints)

Enclosed is an extremely helpful link that may stop AT&T bill collection / phone calls dead in their tracks.

According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, [15 USC 1692c] Section 805(c): CEASING COMMUNICATION: allow for protection against harassing phone calls from debt collection companies including AT&T

In order to stop collection calls you must send a certified signature "Stop Calling Letter" to the collector.

After sending the Stop Calling Letter, if the collection phone calls do not stop, the debt collector may just be liable to you for statutory damages of up to $1,000, plus any actual damages suffered, plus attorney fees and court costs!



C. Williams from Sucks says:

Signed on with , fell ill and cancelled ad same day. They continue to call and harrass me, bill me, not answer my calls, told me there was no residual for a year!!! I have alot of returned(undeliverable) emails to Collections.

Spoke with them today, they said no way could I ever cancel.
They promised so many sites the business would be available to..links..not so. Also that I would receive at least 50-100 clicks per month ..received 10 so far and it has been 6 months since..and I have tried many times to stop this.

I also disputed it with my company and won.

Rich from Kansas says: promised my company, Adventure Films International, more than a year ago that we would be receiving regular stats with our new contract. I periodically checked the service by running a search on my business classification, but not once during the entire term of our contract did my business ever show up in a search - it would only show up if you searched for Adventure Films International, Inc. - and not once in a year did we receive any stats. We were hassled by phone every two hours starting in middle May 2006 for the contract renewal, even though I repeatedly told them I was dissatisfied and would not renew and they began calling me every hour. I could not even conduct business because of their incessant calls. They promised to fax a form from to cancel the account, but they never did send it. I wrote my account information on a FAX Cover Sheet and wrote PLEASE CANCEL MY ACCOUNT IMMEDIATELY and faxed it to They claimed never received it.

AT&T Ripp Off from Rip Off says: uses deceptive practices to get a company to sign up for ads. In fact they out and out lie. As far as they are concerned, it's OK to lie about the hits and calls we would get as a result of their ad in the " but not Ok to cancel the ad. All bullshit. We got our first report and it was all the times I had checked on the web site to see if they had made the changes we requested on the ad. They put things in our ad that were not true. It takes weeks to get a correction and then they screw up the correction. We really dislike these people and feel they are crooks. Caveat emptor!

Ken from The Glass Guy says:
Don't be SUCKERED by By Ken | The Glass Guy on MC

I want to share my experience with other merchants, in hopes that I can save them the time and money they would lose by using

I registered on for a free listing. A couple days later I received a call from a sales person (Marisa) from She told how a free listing wouldn't get picked up by the search engines and that I needed a FEATURED AD with

With a Featured Ad, I would get TOP listing and a link to my website. And the sales person (Marisa) made it sound like was going to give me the world.

If makes it sound too good to be true It's because it is. I received an email stating my FEATURED AD was up and running. I was excited. I went to to look at it. They said it was up, but I couldn't find it.

Every time I searched for Glass Repair It didn't come up. I kept searching under Glass Repair and finally looked under the category "other" by George there It was under "other" My sales person ( Marisa) assured me it would be taken care of by the tech's. 

It never got fixed. ...



Marcus Keith from Admax Merchant Media says:

We are taking the liberty of reposting this (an AT&T; company) horror story, and we know that fellow MC member Ken ‘The Glass Guy' is not alone in his negative experience of this high-pressure behemoth.

In balance, we are told that ('') has many happy customers too... but frankly we don't know any of them personally!

MC members should exercise caution, in general, when planning local search campaigns that are dependent on large media concerns to fulfill, and in particular with, it is our experience.

Also, be forewarned that if you utilize the MC local search directory insertion service YOU WILL get a call from a high-pressure sales person as soon as your free listing is processed there.

Lastly, remember that ADMAX Local Search w/ MerchantCircle DOES utilize in a very cost-effective way - so leave dealing to the experts - US!



This complaint can also be found on:
Steve from New York says:
You are not alone in the scam. We were in the Pittsburgh Home and Garden show last years where a rep from had picked up one of our buisness cards. My partner and I met with him at a coffee shop where we were showed the amazing amount of hits and leads our line of work generated. Tons of leads here. We fell for the scam and took out an ad that was around $236 a month. We had top spot and were under the impression you HAD to buy an ad to be on their web site. NOT TRUE!!! 2 months after placing the order it was becoming difficult to pay the monthly premium. It was coming dirrectly out of my bank account each month at an odd time. Keeping funds there was becoming difficult.BTW this was my personal account. I called our rep to tell him the funds would not be there yet could we post pone the date of withdrawl. It was out of his hands. So I called the main office in CA, they said cannot start a paper bill until after 3 months of automatic withdrawl. So managed to gets funds to pay for the 3 months. By this time they claimed we had several people we had talked to from their site. First off we always ask where they got our name so we know what advertising is working. I think we only got 1 person out of the 100 or so they claimed we talked to. Called again, no response and no paper bill. I had to get my bank to cancel and reissue my bank card. This took several weeks to sort out and became very disruptive to our business as we had to either pay for supplies COD or by certified check. I was also threatened if we did not pay the monthly balance we would have to pay the entire balance for the year and be removed from the web site. Today we recieved another collection call the other day we recieved one threatening us and to have our lawyer call theirs pending legal action. I hope they like dealing with the Attorney General because that is our next step. Not only did they remove us from the top spot on their web site, but they still have us listed along with several other companies that I have personally spoken to who have not nor intend on paying for placement on their site. So how is it we went from the only company listed to within 3 months every buisness in our line of work was also listed without having to pay 1 cent? Don't deal with they are a scam company. 
Jen from Washington says:
I to have had major issues with this company. AT&T advertising solutions is the company with I got an ad with and was lied to from the begining and even received a $60.00 briebe to sign the contract the same day i meant with her. I unfortunatly did and now am fighting to get out of my contract. Once you sign the contract you cannot get anyone to call back or help you. If they do call back they say "I will check into it and call you back in thirty minutes." Then you have to keep calling them for days in order to talk to them again. I have never been treated so unfair and never would of thought that being that they are such a big company they would treat customers this bad. Apana Jackson is my representative and she gave me the personal check. I have called and emailed her for 2 weeks now and she has yet to respond back. I have been in this contract for 6 months and it is hurting my business because I am getting no work from this ad but only calls for more advertising and people trying to sell me stuff. This company is extremly bad.


Below are some of the sales managers and reps phone numbers:


Apana Jackson 757-286-6492

Katie eck 757-513-7607

office 757-446-6500

doug bill 757-288-8957

yellow customer care 18665708863

katie office 757-446-6503



Kathy from Reno says:
To whom it may concern:

Re: (757) 644-3739


Disclaimer: I do not have a contact with but my partner does and I pay the bill monthly. I have only been trying to reach someone who will care to stop my complaining.


My name is Kathy I am a Mortgage Loan Officer and my partner real estate agent with set up an account with through Jim a local representative in Virginia.

A long story short we did not receive or were told in detailed what would be initialed, this was a bait and switch we were told what would benefit the representative and not our budget and needs with advertising.


Like many of people who are on a budget this was a big key to our advertising needs. So let me tell you how I approached our budget for advertising with Jim our Representative, I already have and ad with talking phone book (GREAT COMPANY!), and had an ad with (did not work) so I was very detailed in making sure this was going to work as I had already lost money with the web thing already. I told Jim we were strapped financially with our budget to do more advertising and could only afford $150 a month, I even took a month plus to make a decision. So in knowing all of this and that the representative only makes money when we sing a contract how much information was left out to get the sale...


The Representative and the manager managed to blame the misunderstanding in services offered on the lack of communication between myself and Amy. Trust me we do not miss a beat when it comes to paying for advertising. We advertise with the talking phone, superior internet solutions as well as an ad in the yellow book itself, so there was nothing to misunderstand. We know what we are doing and what we are looking for so for someone to insult our intelligence and say we miss communicated with each other is really aggravating.


I immediately called the manager, Marc and spoke to him to cancel as soon as the ad hit the web site as this was all done incorrectly and no one from the �design department� called to have this as made up to attract callers. According to Jim we would have someone from their design team give me a call to help with our ad. No one called! Shortly after Amy noticed we were already on the web and had no idea or even how long it had been up an running with crap listed for information about us.


When I spoke to the manager Marc there is no such department and that is Jim�s job to design and help with the wording of the site. So according to Marc, Jim lied to me about the a different department who helps me with the wording and what to write, I went back to Jim who then told me, �I thought what you emailed me was what you wanted on the web� come on now it was a bunch of thought on paper as he pushed me that �we could not get our ad running until he had a rough draft and then someone would call me to change it around.�


We are not happy with the service and do not want to keep our contract, we hate the service, Jim to me that you do not have a roster of tracked calls, number and times. According to their records we have 12 calls in July, nothing in Aug. and one of Jim�s sales pitches �you will get calls, I guarantee calls we have a thoughts hits for real estate and if you are not getting calls then we are doing something wrong.� Those are his words give or take.


The worst part of it all is this, normally with yellow book and talking phone book, we place our ad in writing in had in May 2007 no one regardless of how much they pay can go above you as it is priority. This is not the case with they work differently which was NOT told me as I would not be making this complaint. According to there are top that are in blue people who are willing to pay more money, fine we didn�t want to pay that price so we were told we would be guaranteed first page and about 4 down after the top blue, when the ad was placed, we were 11 down and then told that the other people who are above us signed up before us, and that they pay more than $150 a month to have their ad different than ours. So long and short the biggest deal baker that if our competitors saw our ad and wanted to be above us all it takes it more money to be onto of priority. Who in their right mind would spend that kind of money to keep being bumped lower an lower on the pages.

Jim�s defense was, I told you to go with the top blue, and again I went back that was not an option and we could not afford it.


We had made a change to our ad and it took over a month to get done and was still not done correctly! We have already had a call from another agent asking how we liked the and we told them the truth, �You are a rip off and a joke.� According to Marc it was more important to keep our money and our bad word of mouth.


All I want is to cancel my ad and get my money back, I am disgusted with the service, in ability to track details of who calls and when, I am disgusted that it takes our Representative a month to make changes to our ad, I am disappointed that we can not tailor each heading Mortgage, Real Estate to fit what consumers are looking to read about, I am also confused how the representatives can make commission on a sale that was a complete �misunderstanding� I will use their favorite word and as soon as we found the imperfections to this company we requested to canceled not even a day after it went on the web, and we were told there was nothing they could do.


So now that you all know how this company has burned me I hope that you take into deep consideration that if you are not paying top dollar for your placement with them then you are getting ripped off.


If I was making money or getting calls from this ad that actually were not sales calls or renters looking for a place to rent I wouldn�t be so angry.


Thank you,




This complaint can also be found on:
Dave from Sacramento says:



The whole thing is a scam! A staff member of my non-profit inadvertantly signed up for this service thinking that she was just updating our address in the local printed Yellow Pages. The internet company that does this,, bills quarterly, so I recently got an unexpected bill for $231.00! Before calling to dispute the bill, I went to the Brightpages website just to see how it works. It turned out that after many different searches for our organization name it always came back with “Sorry, we did not find anything for your search.” I printed out these results to have a record of them. When I called to complain, they gave me the usual spiel about not having read the fine print. But when I then said their website doesn’t list anything at all about my organization, the person I was speaking with replied without further argument, “You may disregard the bill.” I told her I wanted that in writing, so she faxed it to me that day. What a scam! 

Andrew from Arizona says:
Yellow Pages shady online billing practices by Andrew

I just got this bulk mailing from Yellow Pages via snail mail. It has one of my companies name, address, and telephone number (which is completely wrong) and says: Check one — O List as shown O List with changes or additions. Then you sign your name and stick it back in the mailbox.

Oh, whats this in the fine print?

This offer is for a featured advertising listing in BPLLC’s online yellow pages directory, Reach thousands of potential new customers with priority placement, enhanced search engine visibility, and the ability to list additional information such as a map to your location, a link to your website, your fax number, your toll-free number, or your email address. The listing fee for this service is $77 per month-billed quarterly.

Might as well spend that $924 a year at


This complaint can also be found on:
Yael from Atlanta says:

“Kris Wiggins, a representative for AT&T advertising, sold our company an advertising package that I believe has hurt our organic results. All we wanted was a professional to manage our paid advertising campaigns. Instead, we were sold an automated program that has produced nothing but garbage. We wanted targeted ads that directed to our website, instead the ads were directing to a landing page created by AT&T instead of our own webpage. We specified that we absolutely did not want a landing page created, as we have spent thousands of dollars creating and maintaining our own website. The customer service is an absolute nightmare. My advice to any small business is to stay very far away AT&T,,, Verizon Advertising, and the like. These companies do not care about your business. Instead, find a local Adwords certified professional that will take care of you.”

“Melissa Todd

Thank you for saving my business money!!! Seriously I have heard horror stories about YP. That being said the sales pitch was very good and I almost bought into it.”


This complaint can also be found on:
Sean Hakes from Denver says:
The Scam by Sean Hakes, Inc 


Small Business Owners know me for my honest reviews. Ready or not – here’s my official review of who is also known as YP or AT&T Interactive is better known as an online yellow pages business directory – for business owners it’s a service that’s filled with open ended advertising promises that will quickly drain your advertising budget or even your completely sabotage your business from very little ineffective results.

As a Digital Advertising & Media buyer I will no longer recommend to any of our advertisers or any small businesses – period. Their crafty sales tactics combined with a long term contract are the exact tools that rely on to lock into your cash while delivering less than desirable results – you can take that to the bank.

Lucky for our advertisers, our media buying services come with a full in-house legal counsel representation that is designed to act as a buffer from less than ethical businesses practices like that of

Here’s where it gets personal:

One of our clients were snickered into a stealthy contract that was based on exceptional results expectations that were almost too good to be true; and they were.

I got involved by sending Deann Mayeda, the Press and Media Contact for AT&T Interactive briefly telling her about my client’s dissatisfaction.

Deann quickly dismissed my claim and passed it down to a Colorado or Denver based sales lead/manager. It seemed like she was eager not to address the problem while dropping the complaint to a lower level manager.

I’ll be kind to the lower level manager and not point him out but the base of the story is we came into an agreement to let this particular advertiser out of their contract based on misleading information, in other words a unethical sales tactics based on lies.

Since our default we’ve had two additional clients pop up who have had a terrible experience with All have said that Yellow Pages promised the world and delivered little to nothing – many of which bought into a bucket of clicks that typically turn into nothing more than useless traffic.

We’ve since opened this specific topic into a legal matter. If you feel has misled you, I’d love to hear from you. Please leave your story in the comments section and email me at sean @

Final thoughts: Avoid – especially the Denver team.



This complaint can also be found on:
ZanzibarsMom from Michigan says:

Does anyone know how to make them cancel your account? They refuse to cancel mine, I had to actually cancel my credit card so they would stop stealing money from my account. Its INSANE. LOL at the James Rhoads guy is definitely a rep from yellowpages.FRAUD. If anyone has any advice please help. I'm going to have to get my attorney involved at 250 an hour and I'm not looking forward to that, but they just keep trying to force me to pay money I don't owe.

mwg1972 from Los Angeles says:
THIS FEELS LIKE FAUD has called me non-stop. The representative has a thick indian accent making the call all the more annoying as I cannot understand her as she reads her script. At the end of "verifying my company information" she has to transfer me to someone to "confirm the information". I have told this "information confirmer" that I dont buy anything over the phone and that he can email, fax or mail me the information and I will decide if I want it. He instructs me that all the information is on the invoice. I finally have to raise my voice and tell him I dont want to purchase anything over the phone. He then hangs up... What a joke...this feels like fraud. 
James Rhodes from Arkansas says:


I've been up there for the last 3 years and my $600/month is getting me about 5K-15K back each month. Of course I actually pay attention to the call reports so I know which customers I'm getting from the ad (report has their name and phone number from when they call my ad). Just my opinion of course. I asked my rep if he has angry customers ever. He said they're usually people who never answer the phone or never check their traffic reports to see what customers they've gotten month to month. Also certain businesses don't do well...mostly really outlandish ones like book stores or fishing guides.

Hope this helps.

Rick from Vancouver WA says:


this company is a fraud. can you say "mickey mouse operation"? This has got to be the worst use of your advertisement dollars. complete waste of money. A first grader could do a better job on the website. what a fucking bunch of crooks...the company should be prosecuted and shut down.

Michelle from Colorado says: Lies and Scams!

Save yourself hours of frustration and run far far away from this company. From day one unauthorized withdrawels from our bank account, hours of being on hold, being hung up on, and lied to were never ending. Almost everything they say is a scam...the reports are bogus and you have to hound them to send them to you.

Their is no corporate office or building you can go to...they work from home and if you do reach them they sound half asleep and they just transfer you around for about an hour.

This was the worst investment of money ever...please do not use them they are the absolute worst company I have ever come across.



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Paul Perkins from Denver says:
Class Action Lawsuit

Paul Perkins has filed a class action against and would love to hear from any and every one that has had a problem! YOU CAN FIGHT IT!!!!! You have rights!!!!
I can be reached at (800) 656-9529!!


This complaint can also be found on:
Tesseract from Nevada says:

YellowPages.Com is bad business

In a 4 month period period my listing on generated 9 visitors to my website. and I was charge $164(42 a month) for this or about $18.22 per click. At this same times my Google adwords brought in 700 visitors for $612, thats .85 a click. charges more money for less results and once you sign the contract you are stuck with it, you cannot cancel or they will sue you and mess up your credit.

Google Adword is more service, pay as you go, bid for what keywords you like and you message is delivered to your targeted market and you can cancel at anytime.

Now I am stuck with a advertising contact that is under performing but cannot be canceled without damage to my credit. I heard there may be a class action lawsuit against, if anyone knows how to sign up for this lawsuit please leave a message in this forum.

mdl95003 from John says:

AT&T Yellow is a total fraud...

Dont waste any time or money on advertising, and don't let AT&T trick you into signing any print advertising agreements which require you to buy space on as a condition of getting into the print directory. is hopelessly polluted with ads that are irrelevant to most people who do online searches. Your money is far better spent on Google or Yahoo, tell AT&T to take a hike--in addition to acting fraudulently to trick customers into buying advertising that they don't need and didn't request on, their employees are dull, dim, bureacratic idiots who are living in the 19th century. That's why companies like Google and Comcast are eating their lunch!

Steve from Ohio says:




Is AT&T worth using


I've been receiving very persistant calls from 2 different AT&T sales people to the two different businesses I own trying to sell me on advertising.

I still can't get either of them to provide an explanation I can understand regarding exactly what they do and why I should pay $1,500 for 750 clicks. The second salesperson says I can start with $80 for 30 clicks.

Though it's very fuzzy to me, it sounds like they sell enhanced directory ads on, but both say that they also will create better organic results through Google and Yahoo, but neither can explain how this will be accomplished.

Does anyone know whether AT&T is worth trying out or looking into? Why or why not?



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Rick from Oregon says:
Has Your Office Encountered The Online Yellow Pages Scam? just plain sucks. They rip you off and continue to bill you.


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Afimedia from Lone Tree, Colorado says: scam Internet

... Never again! is just plain bad business.

I was contacted by, whose rep sold me a service that was supposed to promote and market my business. Once they got me to sign up, I never saw my rep again, or ever even heard from him again. The only thing they ever did was to take my money. They NEVER provided any of the services that I paid for. I NEVER got the first referral from them and therefore NEVER got any business from them. I tried for the entire term of my 1 year contract to get them to honor their agreement, but I got no assistance at all. I did get a lot of threats and intimidation though. Even after my 1 year contract expired, continued to take unauthorized amounts from my checking account. When I spoke with their customer service department about it I was told that my contract was automatically renewable for an indefinite period and that I could not cancel it. When I threatened to file a police report I was threatened with a lawsuit and threatened with bodily harm if I did so. They called me at all hours of the day and into the wee hours of the morning, threating to ruin my credit (which they actually did have an effect on), threatened to sue me for tens of thousands of dollars if I did not acquiesce to their demands, and even told me that I should start looking over my shoulder, because bad things could happen to me. I finally got rid of them, but it cost me thousands of dollars. These people are nothing but thugs, who convince people to sign up for a service that they never intend to provide, and then they simply bully their way into stealing thousands of dollars from your bank account with threats and intimidation. I tried for a whole year to find an attorney who would file a class action lawsuit, but could not find one who wasn't intimidated by these people. I have been personally contacted by over 40 business owners who have suffered the same fate as I, but no one has the balls to join me in a class action law suit. So I guess they will continue to scam, threaten and intimidate people and get away with it.


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Tired Of from St Louis says:


I have tried to cancel after my one year contract, but still the ad is posted. I did it in writing and still charging me for an ad that I want canceled. If I could go there and remove it myself I would. Yet this is another scam to keep billing after your intend to cancel. Thank God for using credit cards.

Larry from Las Vegas says:


I signed up with may of 2007. From the very beginning, my ad was never right. My ad rep was sexually inappropriate after I had already signed up indicating he might have gotten a young ad rep co-worker drunk and taken advantage of her. When I tried to make changes to my ad either by phone or e-mail I never got a response back. My ad rep was fired and I did not find out for 6 weeks. I tried to reach anyone who could help me and I reached another ad rep and he said he would help me and would call me back on Sept 28th at 4pm to fix the problems, still no call back and when I would call or e-mail messages I would get no response. The ad had wrong prices about my business which upset customers and and the ad also had my home address instead of my business address which is 25 minutes away which customers that called didn't want to drive that far. Also, massage is a business that can be dangerous because of the Asian "happy ending" massage places giving a bad name. I did have a guy actually show up at my house wanting a massage one day and it scared that daylights out of me. I pretended that he must have made a mistake. The guy was creepy and I had been afraid to be in my house alone and I make my husband answer that door now. I am very disappointed in that way I was treated from this company, especially the fact that I was paying $2000 a month and no one even bothered to reassign me a new ad rep or return my calls or e-mails. What if I was raped or killed?

I would like to cancel the charges, do not send this to collections. I had canceled my credit card that was billing and I disputed that charges and won the dispute. I have not paid any other additional bills. I feel that I was ripped off and they did not hold their end of the contract.


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MazalBuild from Pittsburgh says:


Hello, I am a GC whom does quite abit of remodels.
One year ago I agreed to sign up with, and wish I would have read more about them.

For starters,
-Wrong company name listed, they called me "discount expert remodelers"
-No customer service, my website took 2 monthes too see an update I requested
-They said I was giving "free $100" gifts upon estimate, also that was not authorized
-My rep, Randy Meier bailed out on me and left me in the dust to deal with this **** after quoting "family problems" then he left the company, I never had another rep to assist me

THIS COMPANY JUST MADE UP S%& ON THE FLY, I feel completely ripped off
and they have since taken me to collections under the wrong company name the "discount expert remodelers". I won't pay.

I have never seen such a horrible company, it's amazing that they are so big yet so renagade in their business tactics.


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John from Las Vegas says:

I’m a client of Aldebaran Web Design and Jill kindly invited me to post in her blog about my pay-per-click advertising experience. This story is for you, the small business owner with a website, who might be contemplating hiring a company to do pay-per-click advertising for you. Please don’t do it! Please repeat after me: “I promise I will use Google AdWords exclusively, and consult Jill at Aldebaran Web Design for guidance if needed.”


I started my Seattle based private psychotherapy practice in the fall of 2007, and soon after Jill and I went live with my new website, it got noticed by online advertising companies who emailed me with business offers: “Sign up on our therapist listing and double your clients!” they’d say, or “The smart therapist hires us for internet advertising!” I deleted most of them, but made the major mistake of taking calls from a sales rep at

The sales rep had seen my website—and he proved he had by describing details about it—and said it was great. (Yes, I’m sorry to say I responded to cheap flattery.) He talked at length about the importance of pay-per-click advertising. At the time, I was experimenting with Google AdWords on my own, but I didn’t feel adept at it. I wasn’t sure I was really making effective ads or getting new clients from it. So…I agreed to hire to do pay-per-click advertising for me, for quite a lot of money per month.

For a month or two, as the sales rep warned me, nothing happened. They said they needed to “set up” my account. (Note that with Google AdWords, you can start immediately, and you have full control over your own ads, keywords, campaign themes, everything.)

A month or two later, I got an email from my sales rep with a screen shot of one of my ads. It had a typo in it. (!!) And the text didn’t sound like me. “Run into some trouble?” it said, as if my work as a psychotherapist is to help people who just broke their shoelaces. Most of my clients haven’t “run into some trouble.” They’re wrestling with deep stuff, hard issues, painful problems.

When I asked them to fix the typo, I was told that it would take several days to roll out the fix. (Again, with Google AdWords, it gets fixed the moment you yourself go in and fix it.) And they didn’t want me writing ads. “Run into some trouble” it was, and “Run into some trouble” it was going to continue to be. *sigh*

But the best (worst) was yet to come. In January of 2008, Jill began helping me with my Google AdWords campaign. Part of that included careful review of my website statistics. She started noticing some weird traffic on my site. (I followed her recommendation and use Web-stat, so I could see the weird traffic too.) Jill can recognize invalid clicks and fraudulent pay-per-click traffic, and so Jill emailed me and asked me if I hired someone to do pay-per-click advertising for me. I was embarrassed to say yes, I had hired

And here’s what we discovered: my ads were showing up on odd search-engine sites (odd because they weren’t legitimate sites—they were “made for adsense sites“, sites filled exclusively with sponsored ads, and no real content), and the ads had text like this: “Run into some trouble? Puyallup Therapist. Call today to schedule an appointment.” I boldfaced the word ‘Puyallup’ because it was boldfaced in the ad, and because my therapy office is more than an hour away from Puyallup. The link in the Puyallup ad (and the Bellevue ad, and the Federal Way ad, and on several other ads) was a link to my site.

Turns out uses dynamic ad-title generation techniques. If someone enters the keywords “Puyallup therapist,” my ad will pop up as a sponsored link, with the word ‘Seattle’ changed to ‘Puyallup.’ This is false advertising. Jill and I found that well over 80% of the clicks on these ads were bounces—the person would click on the ad, see that I don’t work anywhere near Puyallup, and bounce away from my site. And I was paying for the clicks!

I started emailing, and what followed was a series of email exchanges that would be funny if they weren’t so infuriating.

They tried everything: “Those aren’t our ads.” Oh really? So someone else is paying out of their own pocket to post ads for me that say “Run into some trouble?”?

Their next tactic: “Our ads are performing better than you say.” No, they weren’t. I emailed them bounce-rate data and more screen shots of fraudulent ads.

By this time I was three or four levels of supervisors above my original sales rep. Each time I would email, it seemed, my email would be forwarded to someone’s supervisor, who would then try to calm me down and convince me that I wasn’t being taken for a pay-per-click fraud ride.

In the end, they canceled my pay-per-click account. I didn’t get a refund for the money I had already spent, but they did stop the campaign and have not taken any more of my money.

I hope that if you’ve read this far, you are now a true believer: you have now resolved to stick with Google AdWords, and only Google AdWords, and consult Jill at Aldebaran Web Design if you have questions or want to learn more about doing pay-per-click advertising yourself. Take it from me: I went in another direction, and wow, did I ever run into some trouble!!

—Stephen Crippen,

Footnote by Jill:Stephen is now managing his own Google AdWords campaign and in complete control of his online advertising. I offer Google AdWords Campaign Consulting services to my small business website clients to help them avoid situations like these – this is not the first client of mine that has been caught in a poor quality pay-per-click scheme. I got trapped in one myself with CitySearch before I learned about how easy it is to get caught paying for invalid clicks. My goal, is to teach small business owners how to manage their own Google AdWords accounts – knowledge is power



J. Olkoski
Aldebaran Web Design, Seattle

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